What’s So Great About Colonic?

For those who have not experienced a colonic, many will wonder about the effectiveness of the treatment. Yes, they understand that a colonic will help relieve constipation and help alleviate the unwanted effects of medications on the bowels. Otherwise, what’s so great about colonic?

A proper colonic treatment starts by providing relief to those who are suffering from the accumulation of waste product in their bowels. Although the body does expel the waste eventually, there are those who may suffer from a buildup that needs faster treatment. But there is more to a colonic than just the cleaning out of the bowels themselves.

Abdominal Tension

This may be the most obvious effect of a colonic, apart from the release of waste material in the colon. The manipulation of the abdominal tissues combined with the effect on the viscera provides a means to help people better relax and realign the organs, tendons, and ligaments. The result is improved function of the digestive system along with the organs that are involved.

Better Absorption of Nutrients

A common occurrence for those who undergo a colonic happens when the food they eat and vitamins they consume are better absorbed during the digestive process. For those who provide colonic irrigation, they often see food and vitamin pills that are undigested. With the proper irrigation, the toxins and other elements that slow the digestive and absorption processes are removed. The result is that you get more out of consuming nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Increased Gut Microbes

A vital factor in the digestive process is the gut flora that helps to break down the food which is consumed. A proper colonic irrigation helps to remove the unwanted fat, undigested food, and gas buildup that affects the efficiency of the gut flora in the system. This means for many that they feel less bloated while the body can absorb more nutrients as a result.

Diseases Connected to an Unhealthy Colon

Nervous System

A colonic will provide balance to the nervous system which helps promote healing and an overall feeling of wellbeing. The stimulation that is provided by the colonic hydrotherapy has for many a powerful effect that releases strong emotions. For those who have suffered from deep trauma, a colonic provides a means to affect the vagus nerve which helps control the ability to release tension and pent up emotions.
With the overall effect on bowel function improved, a colonic can do wonders for some people. It is true that to maximize the results, drinking more water, eating more fiber, and improving the nutrient content is crucial to maintaining the effect of the colonic itself. In other words, getting a colonic irrigation is the start of a process that can be enhanced when engage in the proper diet and exercise program that includes drinking plenty of water.

Understanding what’s so great about colonic will help you better appreciate the treatment. For many, a colonic may help alleviate the symptoms they are feeling but have yet to connect with the condition of their intestinal tract.

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