How to Prepare for Colon Hydrotherapy?

Understanding how to prepare for colon hydrotherapy starts with knowing the procedure and the expected results.

Colon hydrotherapy or cleansing is a process that is centuries old, has few, if any side effects, and provides benefits to the body when the toxins are removed in this manner.
How to Prepare for Colon Hydrotherapy
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Preparing for your hydrotherapy session starts weeks in advance with a change to your diet. While anyone can enjoy the benefits of colon hydrotherapy, those who receive the greatest effect will add fruits, vegetables, and more fiber to their diets which helps lower the toxin levels and cleans out much of the waste from the colon.

In addition, the effects of adding more fiber to your diet will reduce the potential for gas and bloating, issues where the cleansing will do the rest of the work. The better your diet, the more the colon hydrotherapy session will be most effective.

You’ll want to skip breakfast if you are getting the hydrotherapy session in the morning. A full stomach may be the cause of some discomfort when the colon is filled with warm water. If you are hungry, a small snack is recommended. You’ll also want to reduce your water intake for the day and urinate before the session begins to eliminate any potential discomfort.

Meditate: About 15 minutes before the session begins, you’ll want to relax and let go of any stress. Because you are about to experience a hydrotherapy session that will cleanse your colon of toxins, it will be a positive event to focus your mind.

Wear Loose Clothing: You will only need to remove your pants and underwear for the colon hydrotherapy session. Short dresses are recommended as well since they do not have to be removed. Loose clothing is preferred so you can easily slip out and put back on what is needed after the session is over. Plus, avoiding tight clothing means that you are better relaxed.

Work with the Therapist: If you feel any discomfort during the hydrotherapy session, let that information be known right away. While almost all cleansing sessions are free of incident, if there is anything that is causing discomfort, be sure to tell the therapist right away.

Take in Probiotics: If there is an unwanted side effect from a hydrotherapy session, it is the removal of some good bacteria from your colon. This is a temporary condition in which taking in some probiotics will help to restore. Be sure to include probiotics after your session is complete.

When you know how to prepare for colon hydrotherapy, it will help make the experience more beneficial. The key is understanding how the sessions will work for you in cleaning the toxins from the colon. The result will be a more energetic feeling that will carry on with you for the day. By scheduling a colon cleansing at regular intervals, you can keep the toxin levels low in your body which provides substantial benefits for your health.

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