Effects of Colon Hydrotherapy on the Gut

Your gut does more than process food. It also has an effect on the emotional center of your brain. That is not surprising when you remember the times when your gut was not right and that affected your emotional state. This is why it is important to understand the effects of colon hydrotherapy on the gut.

The term “gut feeling” is one that stems from how your gut affects the emotional state of your brain. It is intuition that has a real effect since it helps interpret how you really feel. But if something is wrong with your gut, then your feelings will be altered in a way that affects your thinking processes.

When you are having issues with your gut, hydrotherapy can be the answer. But it does more than simply clean out the gut, it also affects your emotional state in a positive manner.

How It Works

Colon hydrotherapy combined with a deep abdominal massage releases any trapped waste material and helps restore the natural balance of the good bacteria in the gut.

Gentle Action: Unlike laxatives which strip the gut of the much-needed good bacteria, hydrotherapy simply removes the unwanted waste materials. The result is that you feel better and your gut is now working properly.

Flushes Out Parasites & Unwanted Organisms: Even the best of diets may still result in parasites or organisms that are not wanted to find a home in your gut. A proper colon hydrotherapy session can remove them. If you are suffering from frequent bouts of diarrhea or bloating for no apparent reason, then such organisms may be the cause.

Fewer Toxins: Another positive effect is the toxins which are residing in your gut are removed through hydrotherapy. With the proper diet, you can keep the amount of toxins in the body to a minimum which augments the effects of the colon hydrotherapy.

Improved Emotional State: Your emotional state is positively affected because the Vagus nerve connects the gut to the brain. The proper stimulation of this nerve from the introduction of hydrotherapy means the release of serotonin which has a calming, relaxing influence on the brain.

Another positive effect is that it may reduce the low-grade inflammation present in the colon of some people which strains the immune system. By reducing the strain, it helps the immune system to identify other threats to the body and react quickly.

In some cases, degenerative diseases may be slowed or even halted before they can begin thanks to getting rid of the low-grade inflammation in the gut. This does not mean that colon hydrotherapy can stop diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, but it can have a positive effect on the immune system which may help it to identify such issues in the early stages.

Keep in mind that eating a proper diet, engaging in exercise, and drinking plenty of water helps to maintain the proper balance of good bacteria in the digestive system. However, the effects of colon hydrotherapy on the gut can help restore the balance, remove unwanted waste material, and have a positive effect on your emotional state.

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