Aqua-Ionic Foot Spa

Come and discover the benefits of our
Aqua-Ionic Detox Foot Spas

Our relaxing aqua-ionic foot spa is a detoxifying water bath that aids in cleansing, balancing and enhancing the bio-energy (vital energy force) present in the body.

Aqua-Ionic Foot Spa may enhance the body’s innate ability to rebalance and detoxify itself, this in turn enables the red blood cells to flow more freely, stimulates the cells in the body to release toxins more easily and absorb oxygen and nutrient more efficiently.
Aqua-Ionic Foot Spa
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Aqua-Ionic Foot Spa at Rejuvenation Center

You will experience your relaxing Aqua-Ionic Detox Foot Spa in our peaceful foot spa and lounge area. You will be asked to remove your shoes and socks/stockings, and possible roll up your pants to prevent them from getting wet.

As you sit in comfortable seating your feet are placed into the bubbling Foot Spa. This is a relaxing time and you may choose to close your eyes or read quietly. Please note: no electronic devices are permitted to be used in our foot spa/lounge area.

After a period of time the water will begin to change colors, typically ranging from a light to dark brown, depending on several factors. Afterwards you will rinse and dry your feet, and be able to return to your normal daily activities.

When the water becomes excited it ejects some tiny particles, which become visually observable in the water and tend to make the water look dirty and brown. How dirty the water becomes is related to how much sediment is in the water. When you test a bucket of water to see this phenomenon with no parts of our body in the water, how dirty it becomes will generally be the same each time you use a new bucket of water from the same source. If you were to run this test over and over again but with a different person’s feet in the water each time, what happens to the water can be amazingly different. Sometimes the water can be dirtier, and sometimes cleaner.

Because everybody’s ability to absorb energy is different, the reaction of the water is also going to be different. Remember, good health = better energy ability; poor health = not so good energy-wise. Note: Although the color changes in the water can be dramatic, it is not the most important factor.

Aqua-Ionic Foot Spa at Rejuvenation Center

One must be very careful about making any judgments based only on the water color. Some water does not change color and it is not always an indicator of whether energy is being produced. The best indicator that may be found after a treatment would be an oily substance located on the container at water level. It generally contains materials released from the outer layers of the skin. Another indicator after treatment can be found in the color change in the urine of the individual treated.

It is a simple yet very powerful treatment that; may help to re-balance, energize and detoxify the body allowing normal toxins to be released more easily, which in turn may allow nutrients and oxygen to be absorbed more effectively by the cells in the body promoting a sense of well-being. With our body’s systems saturated with synthetic chemicals, prescription drugs, residue from smoking, food additives, anti-oxidants, colorings and heavy metal pollutants such as lead and mercury our bodies natural defense systems are becoming unable to cope, this leads to our blood losing the ability to sustain us and we become less healthy.

PRECAUTIONS: Persons with these and other health conditions SHOULD NOT consider ionic foot baths:

  • Persons with a pacemaker
  • Or any other battery-operated electrical device
  • Persons with ANY metal in their body
    (e.g. metal pin or screw from a broken bone)
  • Organ transplant recipients
  • Persons with epilepsy
  • Pregnant women
  • Women who think that they could or might be pregnant
  • Breastfeeding (nursing) women
  • Persons with hemophilia
  • Children under the age of 16 years of age
  • Anyone with open cuts or wounds on their feet or ankles
  • Anyone with mental illness
  • Anyone who is taking anti-psychotic medications
  • Persons with heart conditions
  • Persons with blood sugar issues

There are many reported benefits to detoxifying including:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Reduction of allergy symptoms
  • Increased metabolism
  • Improved blood pressure and circulation
  • Reduced constipation
  • Better memory skills
  • Improved sleeping habits
  • Reduced joint & muscle pain
  • Less water retention
  • Improved immune system
  • More attractive skin, hair, and nails

As part of our usual body functionality we naturally detoxify every day. Eliminating toxins and waste via our kidneys, liver, colon, lymph glands, lungs and skin. Toxins can be found in our everyday environment; tobacco, alcohol, food additives, drugs and aesthetics, pesticides, heavy metals and industrial pollutants. We need our body to function optimally and rid our systems of these toxins as they are harmful waste products which attack our immune system and can cause a wide variety of side effects, including; lethargy and tiredness, headaches and migraines, colds and flu, bad skin, breath and body odor problems, sinus problems, the list goes on. In fact, some theory exists to suggest that detoxification may at some point be suggested as an alternative the prevention of immune deficiency diseases.

Our body is a very complex piece of engineering but in its simplest form is a collection of cells and tissue. Cells consist of electrical charges and ideally contain an even proportion of positive and negative ions. In this ‘ideal' state we are perfectly balanced and our body functions by removing toxins and absorbing nutrients from food, water and oxygen. When the body experiences any form of trauma, which can be caused by poor diet, ill health or injury the cells become more positively charged and consequently do not work as effectively and the process of storing toxins begins. Even a lack of exercise promotes toxic build up as our cells are insufficiently oxidized. Therefore stagnation of our natural detoxification process occurs.

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