Colon Hydrotherapy Washington State

There are many ancient techniques that are still being used today to improve the health and create greater well-being. One of the more interesting is colon hydrotherapy Washington state residents use to help improve the overall condition of their intestinal tract. Over the centuries, technological advancements have made this a safe, effective procedure that offers substantial health benefits.

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

This is the cleansing of the colon using warm water. The purified water is filtered into the colon through a pencil-size rectal tube. The water loosens the waste material and softens it for easier passage out of the body. The process of adding and removing the water is performed several times until the colon is thoroughly cleaned.

For some, this form of hydrotherapy is used before a colonoscopy, but only if pre-approved by your doctor. The hydrotherapy does allow a full-view for the colonoscopy, so it does work for this purpose.

How It Works?

There are the closed and open colonoscopy systems with the open being the more popular choice. Called the LIBBE device, this allows for the colon to be fully cleaned while providing privacy in a dignified approach and setting for this procedure to occur. The LIBBE device uses a small tube which is quite comfortable and easy to use, which means that the tube can be inserted properly with no damage to the rectal area.

Using the gravity system, the water flows from the tank into your colon which is temperature controlled and uses a flow-control knob so it can be properly monitored. One beneficial aspect of using the open system is that the muscles surrounding the colon will released once you feel the need to evacuate. This means that you are in control during the entire procedure.

Why Hydrotherapy is Recommended for Colonoscopies?

Getting a colonoscopy may save your life by detecting a tumor that can be removed long before you feel any symptoms. The traditional means of cleaning out the colon which is used by doctors is through laxatives. Unfortunately, for many people this is an uncomfortable and sometimes painful way to clean out the colon.

The laxatives increase the water production in your body that flushes out all the waste material. However, it can cause cramping, burning, and keeps you close to the bathroom all day which means you better not go in for work.

The colon hydrotherapy Washington state residents prefer does not use any drugs, is natural, and there is virtually no cramping that takes place. Once completed, you can go about the rest of your day without having to stay near a bathroom. However, your doctor will still need to pre-approve this procedure, so be sure you talk to them first to gain their approval.

Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, effective procedure that cleans out the waste and leaves you feeling refreshed. It can be used to clean out the colon safely before a colonoscopy takes place, but you can also undergo the procedure to release the toxin, improve the immune system, re-hydrate the body, and improve the pH balance as well.

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