What is the Best Cleanse for a Colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy Prep with Colonics or Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle alternate method of colon cleansing in preparation for a colonoscopy. This is an option for those who cannot tolerate the liquid laxatives. It is designed to clear the large intestine of waste through the infusion of warm filtered water.

The intestines are neatly packed into the abdominal cavity, so it may be surprising to learn that they are over 25 feet long when stretched out. The small intestines are approximately 20 feet long and are responsible for absorbing the nutrients from food and liquids. What is not absorbed becomes waste and is moved to the large intestines (the colon) for further processing. Eventually the processed waste is eliminated from the body through the rectum and anus.

Colon Hydrotherapy must be scheduled immediately before your colonoscopy and will require and extra hour.

Inefficient Elimination

The colon is five feet long, and like the rest of the intestines, is packed into a small area and takes twists and turns. Its main purpose is to absorb water from the waste, producing stool. Ideally, all waste or stool would be regularly removed, but that seldom happens. For example, waste gets trapped in the remarkable twists and turns, or the normal elimination process does not work efficiently for any of a number of reasons.

Most people have periodic episodes of:

  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Salmonellosis
  • Irritable bowel

All of these events influence how well the colon removes waste. Preparing with colonics or colon hydrotherapy for colonoscopy is a procedure that naturally assists the body with the removal of the waste the body was unable to eliminate on its own and can take much of the trauma out of the preparation for the medical procedure.

Psychological Barriers

The colonoscopy is a procedure for identifying colon polyps or polyps that have developed into tumors. It is now recognized as the most important colon cancer prevention strategy. Unfortunately, many people avoid the procedure out of embarrassment.

Some people avoid the life-saving colorectal cancer screening out of fear of pain related to the pre-cleansing routine or the procedure itself. Combine embarrassment and fear and the person is unlikely to schedule a colonoscopy. Psychological barriers are difficult to overcome unless the person takes specific steps to overcome them.

Taking Away the Embarrassment and Fear

The colon cleanse for colonoscopy serves three purposes. First, the procedure uses a pencil-thin rectal tube the client can personally insert in private, meaning there is no reason to be embarrassed. Second, the cleansing process uses water to irrigate the colon, removing fear of pain from chemicals.

Just as importantly, the procedure helps clients psychologically prepare for the colonoscopy before they go through the actual procedure. Dealing with the colon in a matter-of-fact manner can take much of the imagined trauma out of the colonoscopy.

Ignoring the colon can lead to serious medical issues. Colonoscopy prep with colonics or colon hydrotherapy offers clients a safe, effective way to remove colon wastes. Whether used for pre-cleansing before a colonoscopy or to help overcome embarrassment related to dealing with the colon, the cleansing process can play an important role in promoting good health.

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