Colon Cleanse For Colonoscopy

While most people would not place a colonoscopy on their list of favorite things to do, it is essential for the early detection of serious medical conditions including colon polyps and cancer. Colonscopies are also done as a diagnostic test for people who are experiencing digestive problems such as frequent constipation or blood in the stool. Cleansing of the digestive tract is required before a colonoscopy can be done. A colon cleanse for colonoscopy can be an invigorating and energizing experience when carefully planned.

Types of Colon Cleanses

There are two main types of colon cleanses that can be done before a colonoscopy. One method is to use a chemical laxative. These products are readily available over the counter in pharmacies. Using a chemical laxative typically causes intense intestinal discomfort. Cramping, bloating, gas and explosive diarrhea are all common side effects of using a chemical laxative to cleanse the colon. With colon hydrotherapy as a colon cleanse for colonoscopy, the process is more gradual and less disruptive to your daily life. You won't have to worry about situating yourself close to a toilet when using a hydrotherapy cleanse because the body is better able to respond to this method.

Reasons for Doing a Colon Cleanse for Colonoscopy

In order for a physician to get a clear view of the walls and folds of the colon, it must first be emptied of waste products. A colon hydrotherapy cleanse not only rids the body of these waste products but it also helps to hydrate the colon, exercise the colon and anal sphincter muscles and rids the body of toxic byproducts of digestion. Cleansing of the colon also helps to restore an ideal pH to the blood and to allow the immune system to operate at optimal levels. A clean colon is also better able to absorb nutrients from the food, improving overall health.

How Hydrotherapy Colon Cleanses Work

In a hydrotherapy colon cleanse, warm filtered water is inserted gently into the colon. As the water passes through the colon, it pushes solid waste out. Since no chemicals are involved, there will not be any burning sensations or pain around the rectum. The waste products within the colon come out immediately rather than over a 12 to 24 hour time period like with other cleansing methods. This method preserves your dignity, involves no odor and is done in the presence of a trained professional in a soothing environment.

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