Does Your Colon Need Cleaning?

If you have been experiencing uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms, it may be caused by a buildup of debris in your colon. A colon cleanse is a way that you can feel healthier and experience less pain and discomfort. A colon cleanse is performed in a clean and safe environment by professionals. The technicians keep you updated and informed about what to expect throughout the colon cleaning process so that you can enjoy the best possible results. If you are new to colon cleaning, these tips can help you to know when to schedule the procedure and why it is done.

When Does Your Colon Need Cleaning?

When your physician recommends a colonoscopy procedure, a colon cleaning service will help you to prepare. A colonoscopy requires that your colon be emptied of waste. This is because the camera that the physician uses must be able to get a clear view of the lining of your colon. If a biopsy is needed, your colon will need to be emptied of waste. Your colon may also need cleaning if you are feeling generally unhealthy or if you are experiencing lower digestive system problems. Symptoms like flatulence, stomach distension or constipation suggest that a colon cleaning may help you to feel better.

Why Does Your Colon Need Cleaning?

You may want to have a colon cleaning for several reasons. A colon cleaning helps to hydrate the colon, reducing the frequency and severity of constipation. Cleaning the colon also helps to exercise the muscles of the anus, which can help if you have experienced any bowel incontinence. Old waste that is left in the colon may cause you to experience foul smelling flatulence, which can be embarrassing. Cleaning the colon removes the waste and lessens your chances at unexpected flatulence.

How Often Does Your Colon Need Cleaning?

If you are having a colonoscopy, you may wish to schedule the colon cleaning procedure the day before your visit to the doctor. After your colon has been safely and naturally cleaned of waste, you may enjoy the refreshing feeling that a clean colon delivers. You can have your colon cleaned as frequently as you wish. If you have a bowel condition such as frequent constipation, a monthly colon cleanse may help to relieve your symptoms. You can also schedule a colon cleanse any time that you want to rid your body of the toxins that build up in waste products.

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