What Does Endermologie Do?

What Does Endermologie Do, And How Does It Work?

Many people who have heard about this procedure are asking, "What does endermologie do?" Endermologie is a treatment that was first developed in the 1980s. It was used to help treat burns and reduce the appearance of scar tissue. Health care experts soon realized that endermologie is very effective for reducing the appearance of cellulite. This treatment involves using motorized rollers to massage and manipulate the skin tissue.

Endermologie is a non-surgical treatment. It is currently the only FDA-approved cellulite treatment. Cellulite reduction is not the only benefit that can be reaped from using endermologie. It can also help alleviate minor muscles, improve skin tone and improve circulation.

How To Prepare For Endermologie

Before you get endermologie, you will need to schedule an appointment for a consultation. Make sure that you prepare a list of questions for the professional. What does endermologie do? How many treatments will I need? What kind of results can I expect? What are some of the side effects? Those are some of the questions that people often have about endermologie.

What To Expect During The Treatment

You will need to wear a specialized body stocking during this procedure. The professional will use a handheld device to massage the area. You can expect the treatment to last for 35 to 45 minutes. Most people choose to get one or two treatments per week.

This treatment is not painful. The sensation that one experiences during this treatment is similar to getting a deep tissue massage. Most people will need to get between 6 and 10 treatments. The results will typically last a few months.

What To Do After Getting Endermologie

The lymph system is stimulated during this treatment. It is responsible for removing waste from the body. That is why you want to make sure that you drink a lot of water after getting this treatment. You will be able to return to your normal activities you get endermologie.

Maintaining The Results Of Endermologie

There are many things that you can do to maintain the results of endermologie. While diet and exercise alone will not cure cellulite, the results of this procedure will last longer if you live a healthy lifestyle. You may also want to avoid wearing clothing that is very tight. Restrictive clothing can reduce blood flow, which can have an adverse effect on your skin.

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