LPG Cellulite Treatment

LPG has established itself as a leader in anti-aging and natural slimming technology. The company has been lauded for its LPG cellulite treatment, Lipomassage, a proprietary procedure for managing cellulite.

With a reported 100,000 women getting cellulite treatments daily, consumers, spas, clinics and physicians are constantly looking for effective, affordable, non-invasive and time-saving ways to manage cellulite. The LPG cellulite treatment, Lipomassage, definitely fits the bill.

Cellulite affects over 85 percent of women before they reach the age of 40. Cellulite is stored fat. Women may develop cellulite during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. It is one way the body ensures a woman has readily available and needed calories. Individuals carrying excessive weight can also experience cellulite when calories "hide" if they are not burning as fast as they come in. Cellulite shows itself in irregular lumps around the body. While it's specifically the thighs and buttocks, cellulite also develops around the hips, inner knees, abdomen and under the arms.

Many women understandably find cellulite discomforting. As fashion tends to lean more toward revealing than hiding the female body, many women have to make hard choices about how to dress if they do not want to highlight cellulite. LPG cellulite treatments have become an affordable and safe method for dealing with the issue, leaving women feeling more confident about their bodies and their choice in fashion.

Lipomassage can be utilized in unison with other cosmetic or medical procedures. For patients receiving gastric or weight treatments, this LPG cellulite treatment has been noted for maintaining skin tone and for managing sagging skin. The process is chemical-free and non-invasive. It can smooth body shapes and re-shape fat build-ups in the body where fat will not go away, such as the hips, thighs and waistline.

It should be noted this is no one-stop process. Depending on any number of factors, including body type, size, health and more, LPG cellulite treatment can go into multiple sessions. Some patients have seen results in as little as six sessions. Others have had to maintain treatments significantly longer before seeing satisfying results.

Of course, before engaging in any type of plan like cellulite treatment, consult with your physician. Treatments have been known to increase blood flow to treated areas, which may be a health risk to some. Other preexisting conditions could make you unsuitable for the procedure, as well.

If your doctor can give you the go-ahead, you will be amazed what a prepared LPG cellulite treatment can do for your appearance, appeal and confidence.

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