Is Colonic Irrigation Good for Constipation?

If you suffer from frequent bouts of constipation, then there may be something more serious going on with your intestinal tract. Virtually everyone suffers from occasional bouts of constipation, normally due to a lack of water which causes the fecal matter to move more slowly through the intestinal tract and colon. But is colonic irrigation good for constipation?

The answer is yes for those who suffer from chronic constipation, which is the frequent occurrence of constipation due to factors that are more present in the intestinal tract.

What Causes Chronic Constipation?

The most common source is the use of drugs to treat other conditions in the body. The constipation is normally a side effect of using medications such as opioids which have become more common in recent years. Such medications tend to dehydrate or dry out the intestinal tract where the fecal matter normally flows through without issue.

The lack of proper hydration, even when consuming more water may not be enough to effectively deal with the condition. The result is that the frequency of constipation increases and causes more issues to be experienced. Proper diet, the consumption of fiber, and the use of certain over the counter medications may help, but they are often not enough.

Traditional therapies to relieve constipation are often lacking when it comes to the chronic form of this condition. This is where processes such as colon cleansing have been used to relive the symptoms.

What is Colon Cleansing?

Colon cleansing is a direct method that flushes out the fecal matter along with any toxins and other substances that may be lining the walls of the colon. This procedure has been used for many years and even dates back centuries. Today, it is commonly used in the medical field to clear the colon of fecal matter for radiology or endoscopic examinations. However, its use for clearing up constipation is now become a more frequent application of colon cleansing.

What makes this procedure quite effective is that it promotes the growth of healthy bacteria which in turn help the process of moving waste material out of the colon. In other words, the effects of colonic irrigation last longer than just a couple of days. When used properly, it may provide long-term relief.

The relief that comes from the colon cleansing is what most people compliment the procedure on when it is completed. While constipation is a relatively minor issue, the feeling that is generated by the colon being emptied of fecal matter which has been stuck inside is considerable.

However, colon cleansing is not free of all side effects. A small percentage of people may experience nausea or cramping in the abdominal area. However, such effects are temporary, and no serious issues have been reported.

Is colonic irrigation good for constipation? It not only is effective, but quite safe when used properly by a medical professional or those trained in the use of colonic irrigation. This provides the means for fecal matter to safely pass through the colon so that you feel yourself again. When combined with the proper diet and hydration, colonic irrigation is an effective tool for relieving chronic constipation.

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