Ionic Foot Bath Detox

Toxins seem to be present in nearly everything we eat or drink, and dangerous chemicals can even be absorbed through the skin from many environmental elements. Since the presence of toxins in the body can cause serious health issues, removing them through various methods has become very popular. Some people choose to go through an internal cleanse that can be effective at removing many of these poisonous chemicals, but this method can be harsh and difficult. The ionic foot bath detox may be unfamiliar to some people, but the process can effectively remove many harmful elements from the body without any discomfort or danger.

When someone first experiences an ionic foot bath detox they are typically surprised at the very noticeable change in the color of the water as they soak their feet. Water that appears dark colored after the soak does not necessarily mean a lot of toxins have been removed during the process. The color of the water is related more to the level of sediment present in the water used. A more significant indication of toxins removed is the deposit of an oily substance at water level on the container. Another indication that toxins have been successfully removed during the treatment is a noticeable change in the color of the treated person's urine.

The benefits of an ionic foot bath detox may include increased energy and metabolism, better sleep, increased immunity, reduced muscle and joint pain, normalized blood pressure, better memory and improved digestion. The human body normally detoxifies itself on an everyday basis, but toxins can begin to build up due to various reasons. An injury or trauma may interrupt the normal function of the body, but poor diet and too little exercise can also negatively affect the natural detox process.

While the average, relatively healthy person can and should use the ionic foot bath detox to improve their health, there are also a number of conditions that would prevent the use of a foot bath detox. Nursing mothers and pregnant women are included in this group as well as anyone with a pace-maker, an organ transplant or someone with metal parts in their body. The group also includes epileptics, hemophiliacs, people with cardiac issues, people with mental illness being treated with drugs, anyone with open wounds on their feet or ankles and young people under the age of 16.

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