Colonic Irrigation Therapy

With numerous cancers and other medical ailments on the rise, many people are looking for ways to take charge of their own health. Digestive tracts are often hit the hardest as they absorb chemical and environmental toxins into their tissue.

Colonic irrigation therapy is one method of releasing harmful toxins that many may not be aware of.

Understanding colonic irrigation therapy

Believed to have originated with the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, the system utilizes rectal tubes, which are gently inserted into the body to release a steady stream of water that will carry pathogens and any parasites away from the intestinal walls.

The process is repeated until gentle contractions of the walls release the harmful fecal matter trapped there.

The process is more safe for the body than traditional chemical laxatives, as it relies on the body's natural processes to succeed and causes little to no pain.

Beginning colonic irrigation therapy

Patients are advised to discuss the process with their primary care physicians to determine if they are ready to begin treatment. Many doctors are receptive to the idea, as it allows for clearer pictures during a colonoscopy.

Those open to the idea should speak with a licensed colonic irrigation therapy specialist to decide how many sessions they can expect to receive for their body's unique ailments and also to weigh any risks.

Understanding the LIBBE device open system

Understandably, many clients worry about sacrificing their dignity during colonic irrigation therapy. Issues of unpleasant smell and flatulence deter many from even considering the process. Failure to address these issues allows many clients to carry tension in their muscles, diminishing the therapy's effectiveness.

Luckily the LIBBE device grants the privacy needed for relaxation and healing.

Clients are more empowered during a LIBBE device session, as they insert the rectal tube themselves, when they feel at ease enough to do so.

While reclined on a basin-fitted bed, the client or the therapist can control the flow of purified, temperature-controlled water into their intestinal walls.

When the patient feels the need to relieve themselves, the therapist can exit the room for discretion. The LIBBE system eliminates the bodily odors often present with other methods of evacuation.

Those undergoing the treatment may notice improvements in more than one are of their digestive systems, from easing of bloating and abdominal pain to reduction in halitosis, fatigue, insomnia and diarrhea or constipation. The therapy can restore both the body's efficiency and overall well being.

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