What Does Lipomassage Do?

Despite adhering to a healthy diet and getting sufficient amounts of physical exercise, many women and men continue having problems with cellulite. The condition is readily identified by a dimpling or puckering appearance under the skin. Cellulite occurs from an accumulation of fat cells that are surrounded by trapped fluid. As fat cells increase in size, the cells pull on the skin and create the commonly seen pitted appearance commonly associated with orange peelings. Blood circulation reduces in these areas, metabolic wastes becomes trapped. Connective tissue loses elasticity and becomes fibrous.

What is Lipomassage?

The Endermologie technique of lipomassage using the LPG Cellu M6 device was developed in France and is FDA approved in the United States for the temporary reduction of cellulite. The non-invasive therapy uses a handheld device containing two rollers. Through a combination of deep massage and suction the rollers capture and massage skin to reduce the size of fat cells by increasing blood and lymph circulation, which helps reduce localized waste.

Through the gentle kneading and massage process, the fat cells break down and the affected areas are smoothed. By returning fluids to blood and lymph circulation, the body effectively eliminates the waste through the kidneys. The process also encourages collagen and elastin production that makes loose skin look and feel firmer while reducing the visible signs of cellulite.

While improvement occurs after the first session, noticeable results typically occur after about six treatments. Clients attend one to three sessions every week for as long as desired. Session lengths vary depending on the areas requiring treatment, but generally require less than an hour of time.

What to Expect

During the initial appointment, the specialist conducts an interview in order to learn about a client's concerns and problem areas. The technician may take photographic images that illustrate current problem regions. The photos also serve as a means of gauging future progress. Therapists analyze the fatty tissues in the areas of concern and develop a customized treatment plan. Prior to starting treatment sessions, clients don specialized "endermowear" clothing and relax on the treatment table. Using different versions of the handheld mechanism, the therapist moves the LPG Cellu M6 device head over the skin in various directions. Studies show that women and men benefit from treatments.

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