Does Colon Cleansing Boost the Immune System?

Colon cleansing does provide several measurable benefits to the body. For millions of people who undergo a colon cleanse, they not only feel better, but experience some of the benefits that it provides. But does colon cleansing boost the immune system? That is a good question many people ask when undergoing the procedure.

Colon cleansing has been around for some time, but the effects on the immune system have only recently been studied.

How a Colon Cleanse Boost the Immune System?

It may seem at first that the cleansing of the colon has little to do with the strength of the immune system. However, there are factors that affect how your immune system responds to disease and infections. One of the most prominent is how much stress your immune system is currently under.

The intestinal tract is loaded with bacteria that not only assists with digestion, it also helps produce vitamins, remove toxins, and destroy germs. If the balance of bacteria is disturbed, it can affect how it functions.

A proper colon cleanse can not only remove unwanted bacteria and germs, but it can also help restore the proper balance to the intestinal tract. This means that when the colon contains too much of one type of bacteria or is overwhelmed with unwanted bacteria, it can create a drain on the immune system.

In addition, it allows the colon to absorb more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. These are the building blocks that promote a healthier immune system. When you add to this the ability to create more Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin K and you further boost the effectiveness of a properly cleansed colon.

Overall, the colon cleanse does not have a direct effect on the immune system. But it does have an indirect one that may be quite strong depending on several factors. For those who suffer from digestive issues that tamp down the immune system, a colon cleanse can remove or at least reduce some of the problems.

How to Augment the Effects of a Colon Cleanse?

Restoring the balance is one of the main attributes of a colon cleanse. This does need to be boosted by consuming a proper diet. A diet rich in fiber for example will help clear out the colon and keep it functioning properly. Daily exercise is also an important component since this keeps the blood moving and the digestive system functioning properly.

Add in more water consumption, along with fruits and vegetables the colon will function more properly in return. It also helps to keep stress at minimum levels, so your immune system can function better. While all this is good advice, it can start with a colon cleanse that gives your immune system a much-needed boost.

The answer to the question does colon cleansing boost the immune system is a yes. The benefits of the colon cleansing go beyond the immediate effect of removing the waste product. It can help improve your overall health and well-being when combined with the proper diet and exercise.

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