What to Expect after Colon Hydrotherapy?

It’s natural to ask what to expect after colon hydrotherapy when you have never been through the procedure before. Understanding what happens afterwards will help prepare you for certain conditions that might occur. However, keep in mind that in most cases what happens after colon hydrotherapy is not much at all.

What follows are some of the more common questions that people ask about colon hydrotherapy and its aftermath.

How Will I Feel?

Everyone seems to have a slightly different outcome in terms of how they feel. For many, they feel lighter and ready to take on the world. With all the waste gone from their gut, they feel wonderful and energetic. Others may feel a little tired or not the same simply because the waste material in their gut is gone. For those who have recently experienced constipation and used colon hydrotherapy to rid the gut of the waste material, they may feel more tired, but that is a temporary condition.

When Will the Next Bowel Movement Occur?

There is no exact timing, but what can be said is that they hydrotherapy will wash away the waste material in the colon. Generally speaking, because the waste is washed from your colon, it may be from two to five days before you experience the next bowel movement. Sometimes, it takes a few days of eating meals before enough is present to eliminate.

However, it is ideal that you eliminate waste every 24 hours rather than have it sit in your colon for two to five days.

Right After the Hydrotherapy

There are those who experience this type of treatment will go to the bathroom right after the hydrotherapy takes place to eliminate excess water. This is because some people have a redundant colon which has some loops or coils that may trap some water which later needs to be eliminated.

The more hydrotherapy sessions you have, the less likely you will need to eliminate any waste or excess water from your colon immediately afterwards. However, with about 5% of people having a redundant colon, it is always a possibility.

Can I Start a New Diet?

A great time to start a new diet is after colon hydrotherapy. With your gut cleansed, you can start eating a new, healthy diet and begin to feel the results faster. It is best if you choose a diet that does not include refined sugars which have a negative effect on your weight, health, and how you feel. For some, colon hydrotherapy allows for the introduction of a diet free of complex carbohydrates. However, you can choose to not start a new diet if that is your desire.

All told, what to expect after colon hydrotherapy starts with removing the waste buildup in your colon. It is a great way to begin a new diet or change in lifestyle as many will feel refreshed and renewed. Along with the physical relief, a colon hydrotherapy treatment may help you see the world in a new light.

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