4 Easy Ways to Detox in the New Year

4 Easy Ways to Detox in the New Year
If you are looking to start the new year with a new you, then you will need to detox your body and mind. It is difficult enough to lose weight and get into shape. However, detoxifying your body through simple, natural means will create a new, fresh starting point that makes weight loss and gaining muscle tone easier.

What follows are four recommended methods to detox your body. Each method is simple, straightforward, and provides health benefits that you will enjoy throughout the year.

1. Endermologie

This is a treatment where you put on a stretchy body suit while a technician operates a wand which pulls different sections of your body. If you suffer from pain or discomfort in one area of your body, this treatment will apply the appropriate pressure and provide relief. This treatment is also used for lipomassage cellulite, which is designed to minimize the appearance of cellulite on your legs, buttocks, and torso.

The treatment itself is simple, painless, and will leave behind a more pleasing appearance to your body while also pulling away unwanted toxins. It is also quite safe, which means that you can undergo several treatments for maximum effect.

2. Crystal Bed

One of the simplest, yet most effective means of detoxification is crystal bed healing. This form of healing consists of you lying down on a comfortable bed under seven Vogel-cut crystals placed about 12” above you. The alignment of the crystals allow for different frequencies to be transmitted through your body. The frequencies are matched to your energy centers or chakras which provides balance, cleansing and relaxation to occur.

All you need to do is lie down, relax, and let the crystals do the work. You can engage in several sessions which will help to revitalize your body, providing more energy through the day as the detox effect works through you.

3. Ionic Foot Spa

A simple water foot spa does wonders to relax the mind and body. But when the water is ionized, the results include detoxification which in turn provides more energy for your mind and body. When you dip your feet into the ionized water, you may notice over time that the water turns a brownish color. That is not dirt or debris that comes from your skin, but rather the unwanted elements in your body being pulled into the ionized spa.

Foot spa sessions can last from fifteen to thirty minutes, meaning that regular treatments will not only help to detoxify your body, but also provide more energy for your day.

4. Hydrotherapy for Your Colon

This form of cleansing dates back several centuries. It is a simple, safe procedure to remove unwanted waste and toxins from your colon. Clean water is inserted into your colon through the rectum. Once the water fills up the colon, it is released bringing with it the waste and other unwanted properties. The warm water is safe and repeated treatments will detoxify your intestinal track. You not only feel better, but energetic and ready to take on the day.

By choosing one or more of these treatments in the detox process, you can feel better, more energetic, and ready to make more improvements to your mental and physical wellbeing.

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