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European Rejuvenation Center was started by Celina, a trained endermologie therapist and a certified colon hydrotherapist. Immigrating to the United States from Poland in 1991, Celina started her career by providing home care for elderly people. In 2002, a program on the Discovery Channel introduced her to colon hydrotherapy. She graduated from the Maui School of Colon Hydrotherapy in 2003. Not long after that, she started her own colon hydrotherapy business. In 2010, she opened the Wellness Center near Mercer Island. Let's take a look at the services that are offered at these facilities:

Colon Hydrotherapy

Also known as a colonic, this is a treatment where water is used to treat the colon. This method is an effective, safe and drug-free way for waste to be removed from the colon. With a physician's approval, a colonic may be used before a colonoscopy procedure.

Aqua-Ionic Foot Spa

The client's feet will be placed into a relaxing foot spa. The water will eventually change colors, depending on the person's ability to absorb energy. If a person has good health, they will have better energy than those who are not healthy. The Aqua-Ionic Detox Foot Spa offered by the Wellness Center near Mercer Island allows the body to be detoxified, energized and re-balanced.

Endermologie Treatments

The client will change into a bodysuit that is made of lycra and cotton. A trained therapist will perform this treatment with the use of a hand-held tool that gently massages and sucks on the soft tissue of the area that is being treated. The combination of massage and suction is a form or therapy that other treatments are unable to replicate.

Lipomassage Cellulite Treatment

This is a non-invasive method for a person to improve the fitness of their skin, as well as reduce the appearance of cellulite. Originally invented over 30 years ago as a method of reshaping scar tissue, it is now available at the Wellness Center near Mercer Island to tone skin and make unsightly cellulite less visible.

Crystal Bed Healing Light Therapy

A crystal bed consists of seven quartz crystals that are suspended roughly one foot over the client while he or she is lying on a massage table. This treatment is able to blend crystal healing therapy and color therapy. The crystals transmit color onto the chakra that corresponds to it. This will help to recharge, balance and cleanse a person's energy, making them feel deeply relaxed.

Visit or call European Rejuvenation Center for more information: (425) 746-6100

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