Open System Colonic Hydrotherapy

While many are familiar with colonics, there are two types of systems that are used by facilities that offer this service, closed and open system colonic hydrotherapy. While each system has its advantages, the open system colonic hydrotherapy is considered superior by many because of how it works.

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What is the Open System?

Sometimes called the LIBBE, this type open system offers several advantages that makes the hydrotherapy process more efficient, effective, and relaxing.

The LIBBE consists of a form-fitting table that has a basin. You will be placed comfortably on the table as water flows from the tank gravity system. Once the tube is in place, the water will run through a filter to ensure that all rust, chlorine, and sediments that otherwise might be present are removed before entering your colon.

You will know when enough water has entered your colon as you will feel the need to evacuate your bowels. Because the water flows in and out during the release you are in control. This means that the muscles the work the colon are helping remove the toxins and waste more easily thanks to the addition of the filtered water.

Benefits of Open System Colonic Hydrotherapy

Small Rectal Tube: The pencil-thin tube is quite comfortable compared to the standard versions. But more importantly, the small size of the tube allows clients to insert it themselves. That way, you can enjoy more privacy and rest assured that the hydrotherapy system works for your needs.

Improved Muscle Control: Because the muscles in the colon are responding to the entry of the water, the contractions and releases help to improve their overall function. In a way, hydrotherapy is like exercise for the muscles that operate the colon.

Colonoscopy: Instead of taking prescribed medication to empty the colon before a colonoscopy, you can choose to have colon hydrotherapy performed instead. This means that you can still eat the day before the colonoscopy and have the waste materials removed in a gentle fashion. It is far more comfortable, and less strain compared to using the prescribed medications.

Why Choose Colonic Hydrotherapy?

In addition to being a more comfortable way to prepare for a colonoscopy, there are other advantages to having colonic hydrotherapy being performed:

  • Improved energy
  • Relief from constipation diarrhea
  • Helps with irritable bowels, indigestion, and abdominal discomfort

In addition, colonic hydrotherapy can help you feel better overall and may address certain health issues in an indirect way. Many clients have reported that colonic hydrotherapy has helped them with their insomnia, reduce bad breath, and lower unusual body odor, and more. The practical benefits of this form of therapy can be enjoyed using this safe, proven method for gently cleaning out the colon of toxins and waste materials.

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If you are looking to address issues with your colon, then consider spas and facilities that offer the open system colonic hydrotherapy. It is safe, relaxing, and offers more privacy compared to the closed system. Be sure to cover all the facts first before you choose which type of colon hydrotherapy is right for you.

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