LIBBE System for Colon Hydrotherapy

If you are going to have a colonoscopy performed or want to help rid your body of toxins, the LIBBE system for colon hydrotherapy may be the answer for you. It is a safe, proven system that provides you with a comfortable means of having the waste material removed while maintaining privacy and dignity.

What is the LIBBE System?

Of the two types of colon hydrotherapy treatments, the LIBBE system is considered an open procedure which allows for you to maintain privacy and enjoying more comfort while having the colon cleansed. The LIBBE system uses a pencil-thin tube that is inserted into the rectum. Warm, purified water flows from the tube which uses a gravity-based system, into the colon where it will soften and loosen the waste material inside.

When you feel ready to evacuate your bowels, your muscles will relax which allows them to contract the colon and allow all the waste material and water to flow out. The procedure is performed several times so that your colon is properly cleansed. Once completed, the tube is removed and you can go about your day.


There are definite advantages to the LIBBE system and to having colon hydrotherapy which provides you with a clean colon.

Privacy: Of the different hydrotherapy treatments available, the LIBBE system provides for the most privacy. It is understandable that people want privacy during this procedure, but the LIBBE system takes it one step further by allowing you to keep your dignity while having your colon cleansed. For most of the process, the therapist does not even have to be in the same room.

Works the Muscles: The muscles that control your colon get a good workout thanks to the LIBBE system which fills the colon with water so the muscle contractions can push out the waste material. Strengthening the colon muscles means fewer cramps and better control of bowel movements.

Removes Toxins: Your colon is a place where toxins tend to build up, so having them cleaned out using the LIBBE system means that you not only feel better, but there are fewer toxins that can find their way into your body.

Prepares for Colonoscopy: One big advantage of using this cleansing system is that it is far more comfortable and faster than traditional laxatives doctors prescribe to clean out the colon. The laxatives cause cramping, and may elicit a burning sensation while keeping you near the bathroom for most of the day.

If your doctor approves, then the LIBBE system works the best for cleaning out the colon so that you can undergo a colonoscopy. There is little to no cramping and once the procedure is complete, you can be on your way without any of the unwanted side effects.

For those who have been approved by their doctors or simply want to clean out their colons to re-hydrate the body and remove the toxins, the LIBBE system for colon hydrotherapy provides the answer. It is a safe, effective procedure that offers privacy and comfort while properly cleansing the colon.

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