Hydrotherapy Colon Cleanse

The use of hydrotherapy techniques for colon cleansing may be traced as far back as ancient Egypt, with historic medical records indicating and describing the many beneficial effects. Commonly referred to as colon irrigation, the ancients had an early understanding as to the overall restorative and rejuvenating aspects associated with colonic cleansing sessions.

Hydrotherapy colon cleanse for colonoscopy procedures ensures accurate examination and biopsy results and aids in early disease and abnormality detection. A colonoscopy provides a skilled medical professional a detailed image of the lower gastrointestinal tract and colon. A pliable tube with a tiny video camera attached to one end inserts through the colon (lower intestine), providing physicians accurate access and inspection of interior walls and tissue lining. In addition to looking for signs of bleeding, ulceration's and abnormalities i.e., physicians also perform a cell biopsy, taking samples of various tissues.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy Colon Cleanse

The doctor performing the colonoscopy relies on a properly prepared bowel region for obtaining accurate internal images from the microscope. The physician is looking for anomalies or abnormalities and an improperly cleansed bowel tract can obscure lesions and ulcerated areas that, when left untreated, can become diseased. Hydrotherapy sessions before a colonoscopy sufficiently prepares the area for exploration while providing many additional benefits:

  • The colon is responsible for processing and evacuating waste accumulations within the gastrointestinal tract while simultaneously absorbing water and re-dispersing it into the bodies system. Gastrointestinal tracts with excess waste buildup can become the catalysts for chronic diarrhea and constipation, which brings symptoms such as headaches, stomach cramping and dizziness. Colon hydrotherapy for colonoscopy purposes thoroughly flushes excess waste material without the danger of dehydration and the uncomfortable side-effects associated with it.
  • Hydrotherapy cleanse for colonoscopy exams re-balances natural bacterial levels and provides a secure barrier against harmful fungus growth i.e. yeast infection.
  • Unlike pre-procedural drugs that stimulate bowel movement, a hydrotherapy session utilizes a warm-watered filtered system for cleansing the gastrointestinal tract. Many colonic drugs induce discomfort, fatigue and chronic bowel movement over a lengthy duration of time. Hydrotherapy colon cleanse for colonoscopy purposes provides a swift drug-free healthy alternative over chemically induced colonics.

In addition toward the beneficial properties hydrotherapy sessions provide before a procedure, the same colon cleanse for colonoscopy is also a great resource for maintaining overall health and function while achieving optimal internal balance.

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