Hydro Colon Therapy

Hydro colon therapy has effectively and safely been used by many years because of the health benefits that it provides, and you may be wondering if this is the right treatment for you. Hydro colon therapy is a method that is used to cleanse the colon with water, and by doing so, all of the waste and toxins that have accumulated in the colon are removed. The process is gentle, and the state-of-the-art Libbe system is now available in the Seattle area to provide you with even more benefits during the treatment.

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy Treatments

Some people will request hydrotherapy before getting a colonoscopy, and others will use this type of treatment to improve health conditions. Some of the health conditions that can be improved through this treatment include insomnia, body odor, fatigue, headaches, bad breath, diarrhea, abnormal discomfort, Candida overgrowth and others. You may find that you feel more comfortable and healthy as well as less bloated after a treatment. Some people also report that the feel lighter and more energetic. This is a type of alternative medicine that has been used for decades in the Seattle area and around the world because it is known to provide true benefits to patients.

The Libbe System

There are two main systems that are commonly used for hydro colon therapy, and the open Libbe system is known to be the superior option. It is characterized by a tube as thin as a pencil that needs to be inserted into the rectum during the cleansing process, and this makes it more comfortable for patients than other systems. The flow of the water through the tube is controlled by the patient, and all water and waste is collected in an innovative table. Altogether, this process is known to be more comfortable and private. In fact, because the patient can control all aspects of the cleanse through the Libbe system, the process can be completed without a therapist in the room.

Many in the Seattle area are struggling with uncomfortable and even painful symptoms that can effectively be treated by hydro colon therapy. While some believe that this type of therapy may be messy and embarrassing, the Libbe system is a great method that puts the patient in the driver's seat regarding the control of the treatment. If you have been thinking about getting a colonic treatment, ensure that the treatment center you visit uses the Libbe system.

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