How Much Can You Lose Weight from Colon Therapy?

Of the many different treatments which can be used to lose weight, colon therapy is one of the fastest and most proven. While the amount of weight loss varies from person to person, it can be stated that you will lose at least some weight when using this form of therapy.

However, the weight that you lose will not be fat, but rather any excess amount of waste or stool and water weight, which can be easily regained. This means that as a method of losing body fat, colon therapy does not have any direct effect.

Losing Stool

When you consider that the average bowel movement releases about one pound of stool from your intestinal tract, colon therapy will mean that you will lose at least that amount of weight. You will arguably lose more weight because some of the stool in your intestinal tract is not ready for expulsion, but the colon therapy will remove it anyway.

If you have regular bowel movements, then your intestinal tract will probably not hold more than three or four pounds of stool. While some argue that this type of therapy removes up to 15 pounds, that is based on the belief that you have impacted stool. If that is the case, you are suffering from long-term constipation and will need to seek additional treatments to address that condition.

Losing Water

The therapy does more than release the stool, it also releases some excess water from your intestinal track. This is because the walls of your intestinal track release fluids constantly to keep the stool moving. Colon therapy temporarily takes away the excess fluids, leaving your intestinal tract essentially empty. Keep in mind that your body will replace the fluids that are removed by the treatment, so this weight loss is temporary at best.

Is Colon Therapy Effective?

If you need to lose a couple of pounds between meals, then this type of treatment does work. However, if you want to lose excess body fat, then you will need to try another treatment. This form of therapy has no effect on body fat which means that in a few hours or after a meal or two, you will gain back all the weight.

For long-term results to lose weight, you are far better off reducing your caloric intake and increasing your exercise activity. In other words, the less food you eat and the more you move about, the greater the chance that your body will tap its fat reserves which means you lose weight the right way. Your plan should be to increase your activity levels while finding ways to reduce your caloric intake.

In the end, colon therapy offers a temporary effect and while it does leave you feeling better, the weight loss is only temporary. If you really want to lose weight, you’ll need to engage in a more effective approach of doing more exercises while reducing the number of calories you consume. Only then will you truly take off the excess weight.

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