How Many Colonics Should I Get?

Colon hydrotherapy, or a colonic, has been used for centuries by people to remove waste from their large intestine. This simple treatment involves using purified and filtered warm water to cleanse the colon in a drug-free and comfortable environment. As the procedure has grown in popularity, more people are beginning to discover the benefits that regular colonics can have for their health and vitality.

What is a Colonic Like?

Colon cleansing is performed in a private room with the assistance of a professional therapist. With an open-system device, you will be able to learn how to relax on the specially-designed basin and place the pencil-thin tube yourself. This will allow you to enjoy greater privacy during each of your subsequent colonics.

What are the Potential Benefits of Colonics?

The benefits of colonics can vary depending upon your health and your decision regarding “how many colonics should I get.” There can be many reasons for your toxic bowel; however, a colonic will help to eliminate these toxins while cleansing your blood. This can have a powerful impact upon your immune system.

What are the Signs that I Need a Colonic?

If you are wondering how many colonics should I get, one of the easiest ways to decide is to stay alert for signs from your body that it is time for another treatment. These may include constipation, diarrhea or indigestion. You may also experience bad breath, a coated tongue and abnormal body odor. Insomnia and headaches could also signify a need to return for treatment.

How Many Colonics Should I Get?

The frequency of treatments will vary according to your personal health plan. For example, someone who is interested in preventative maintenance of their colon will need fewer treatments than someone who struggles with gastrointestinal disease. For this reason, you will begin your first session with a consultation from a trained therapist who can help you create a treatment schedule that will fit your long-term needs and goals.

Today, colonics has become recognized by many physicians and patients as being beneficial for their overall health due to its ability to provide benefits for all of the body systems. With new technology, colon hydrotherapy has become more comfortable for patients who can learn to manage their treatment in a private room. To get the most out of your treatments, be sure to share your health history and symptoms with your therapist so that you can schedule the appropriate amount of colonics to have the greatest impact on your health.

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