Does a Foot Detox Work? Know the Facts

Does a foot detox work? Know the facts: For those who are looking to detoxify their bodies, one of the most common methods is an aqua-ionic foot spa. And while many people enjoy this type of treatment, especially as it addresses their sore feet, the question many have is does a foot detox work? After all, how does soaking your feet in a solution detoxify the bloodstream?

The answer may be surprising to many as the benefits that a foot detox offers are considerable. What follows are some of the advantages that a foot detox offers for those looking to cleanse their bodies.

How It Works

You simple place your feet into a solution and relax for 30 to 40 minutes. The bath itself consists of water combined with sea salt. But what makes it work is the slight electrical current that emits both positive and negative ions. You do not feel anything, but the charged water will help pull the toxins from the body.

A hot foot bath is common for those who have been on their feet all day, but a foot detox offer other benefits. Once you have completed your foot detox session, you are encouraged to drink water which helps the elimination process. Basically, you will feel better as the body rids itself of unwanted toxins. And the effects will continue over the next 24 to 48 hours.

Direct Effects

Basically, you place your feet in a solution that is harmless to the skin but pulls the toxins that have been building in your body to the outside:

  • Balances the pH
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Purges heavy metals and yeast
  • Cleans and Detoxifies the liver and kidneys
  • Enhances the immune system

While that may sound like a pretty incredible list, a proper foot bath offers a means for the body to help detoxify itself. There are also benefits to the process that you will start to feel right away.


For most people, 6 sessions over a 3 to 5-week period will be enough to get started. After that, once a month is enough to detoxify the body. You should start feeling the effects quickly, but to get the full effect you will need to combine the foot detox sessions with the proper exercise, healthy diet, and creating proper lifestyle.

If you are recovering from a medical condition, the foot detox will help the process along. Although there is no guarantee that it will make the recovery any faster. What it can do is help you to feel better, boost your energy levels, and create greater relaxation. This makes a foot detox program the perfect addition whether you are recovering from illness, injury, or simply want to feel better.

For those who are wondering does a foot detox work the answer is yes. In fact, it works better than you might expect. This is especially true for those who may not have tried it before. If you are looking for a simple way to detoxify your body, then consider getting the aqua-ionic foot spa.

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