Colon Hydrotherapy Center

Colony hydrotherapy, or a colonic is a form of cleansing that colon with water that has been used throughout history to help people detox and find relief from many common health problems. Today, you can have a colonic performed at a colon hydrotherapy center that specializes in using state-of-the-art equipment in a comfortable environment that ensures your privacy. As you explore the benefits that are offered by this popular treatment, here is what you should expect during your appointment.

Signs You Need Colon Hydrotherapy

When the colon is not clearing itself efficiently, you may experience a wide range of symptoms that occur throughout your body. Digestive symptoms, such as flatulence, constipation and abdominal pain, are a few of the most common problems you may experience. Additionally, you may have fatigue, insomnia and frequent headaches that occur due to toxins building up in your body. Many people also prefer to visit a colon hydrotherapy center prior to having a colonoscopy due to it being more comfortable than a chemical cleanse.

How Colonics Work

At your colon hydrotherapy center, a special device will be used to comfortably cleanse your colon. This is accomplished using a pencil-sized rectal tube that gently introduces purified, filtered warm water into your intestines. This then softens any waste in your intestines, and it is expelled through natural muscle contractions. This process is usually repeated multiple times throughout a session until your body is fully cleansed.

Privacy and Comfort

Most people find that the process is comfortable, and your colon hydrotherapy center should make an effort to afford you as much privacy and comfort as possible. For example, a LIBBE device open system can allow you to take control over your treatment by inserting the rectal tube independently once a therapist has demonstrated the procedure. It also allows for the recipient to control the flow of the water, which means that it may not be necessary for the therapist to remain in the room the entire time.

A colon hydrotherapy center is the place to visit when you are experiencing painful symptoms of digestive disorders or toxic build up within your body. Following a colonic, people report having a better immune system along with improved digestion. By choosing a center that offers only the most advanced equipment and care from a professional therapist, you can take advantage of this ancient treatment using the latest technology and best practices.

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