Colon Cleansing For Colonoscopy Screening

If digestive or bowel issues warrant a professional colonoscopy screening, certain steps are necessary to prepare for this important procedure. A colonoscopy is designed to allow your doctor to examine the lining of your bowel, check for any signs of abnormal growths and analyze normal function. To ensure that your doctor has the best possible view of the condition of your bowel during the examination, you will need to select an effective colon cleansing for colonoscopy screening.

Frequently, doctors prescribe the use of medications before a colonoscopy to wash out the bowel such as:

  • Laxatives to stimulate movement of the bowels
  • Stool softeners to help empty the colon
  • Bottles of liquid laxatives

Although stimulant laxatives are effective for evacuating the bowels of fecal matter, people who are sensitive to these harsh chemicals may experience painful abdominal cramps. Certain laxative preparations affect the delicate smooth muscle of the bowel and upset the natural balance. As a result, people who use a chemical colon cleansing for colonoscopy screening may experience excessive gas and complain of uncomfortable bloating. In addition, stool softeners and laxatives may cause side-effects such as:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Heartburn and throat discomfort
  • Explosive diarrhea
  • Rectal burning and pain
  • Unpredictable results

Selecting Hydrotherapy for Natural Colon cleansing

Fortunately, a superior alternative to chemical laxatives may be the use of colon hydrotherapy. As a drug-free colon cleansing for colonoscopy screening, hydrotherapy may eliminate the discomfort of chemically induced cleansing of the bowel and offer predictable results. Without disturbing the delicate balance of the bowel and body, hydrotherapy uses water to gently rinse the bowel clean of waste and toxins without the side-effects that may occur with chemical laxatives. Warm water evokes the natural contractions of the bowel and encourages normal evacuation. Hydrotherapy does not cause the lingering effects of medications or stool softeners. Other benefits of colon hydrotherapy include:

  • Little or no abdominal cramping
  • No disruption of the natural PH balance
  • No heartburn, nausea or indigestion
  • No need for stimulants or stool softeners
  • Less time consuming than chemical laxatives

If your digestive system is sensitive to the effects of harsh chemical laxatives, and you require a colon cleansing for colonoscopy screening, ask your doctor if colon hydrotherapy is the right choice for you. As a natural alternative to a chemical pre-cleansing, hydrotherapy may provide a much healthier option that offers comfort and convenience.

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