Bowel Cleansing for Colonoscopy

While few look forward to having a colonoscopy for a variety of reasons, it is important that the bowels be cleaned of all waste material that might otherwise hid a significant condition. The early signs of colon cancer are often small, but easy to find if the colon is clean.

Traditional methods often use medications designed to build up the fluids in the bowels which results in cramping and expelling of waste materials. However, it is not a comfortable experience and a significant number of people avoid having a colonoscopy because they cannot tolerate the excessive trips to the bathroom caused by the liquid prep treatment. This is why bowel cleansing for colonoscopy is now become favored thanks to the many advantages that is offers.

What is Bowel Cleansing for Colonoscopy?

Bowel cleansing aka colon hydrotherapy has been around for many decades, but only recently has it been used for preparation for a colonoscopy. A small tube is inserted into the rectum and warm water flows into the colon which loosens any waste material that may be present. When the water is removed, so too is the waste material so the colon can now be properly examined. The process itself is usually repeated several times for maximum effect.


There are several benefits that undergoing this form of bowel cleansing provides as you prepare for the colonoscopy.

Fast: Compared to the long process of traditional prep, bowel cleaning takes only a short time and is usually done right before the colonoscopy procedure so that it can be combined into one trip. This makes it more convenient as it takes up far less time compared to the 24-hour endurance of the traditional prep method.

Comfortable: While some seniors or those in poor health might feel a slight discomfort from having warm water fill the colon, for most everyone it is a pain-free procedure. This is especially true compared to the traditional means of cleaning the bowels which many seniors find to be most uncomfortable.

No Side Effects: Under normal procedures, there are no unwanted side effects from undergoing bowel cleansing. Again, compared to the traditional prep method of causing diarrhea to occur which may keep the patient up all night, bowel cleansing is by far the preferred method. It also helps that it has been around for decades and its use perfected over that time.

It should be noted that many doctors have seen fewer patients back out of their colonoscopy appointments. This is because many seniors in particular have not been able to make it to the appointment because of the rigors of the traditional treatment to clean out the bowels beforehand. Plus, the bowel cleanse is safe, effective, and considerable shorter which makes patients more likely to show up.

Proper bowel cleansing for colonoscopy means less of an endurance test for the patient before they arrive at the doctor’s office. The procedure is safe, routine, and provides the same benefits for clearing out the waste material so that the colonoscopy can be effective.

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