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  1. Avatar Lori R. says:

    I absolutely cannot say enough good things about ERC and Celine! I walked in a little nervous as I’ve only ever seen one other person for colonics. The moment I stepped through the door to was at ease! Celine is warm and kind with a compassion and concern for more than just her clients physical health but also their mental wellbeing. She spoke to me in a soothing way, encouraging me to use my to me to not care not physically cleanse but to let go of something much emotional baggage I’d been holding onto. After my first session I found myself in a different mindset. I’m a very analytical person so to feel this mental change just happen was shocking and amazing! My mind is open in a way it’s never been before!! Thank you Celine for your warm hugs and gentle nature!! Can’t wait for my next visit!!

  2. Avatar Erika says:

    I went in for a Colon Hydrotherapy appointment with Celina, who is so incredibly helpful, patient, kind-hearted and very elegant. I shared with her that my Mother just passed away not even a week ago (which is part of why I scheduled this– to begin a cleanse), and the way she comforted me and took care of me in my time there was just priceless. She is a rare gem and I’m so grateful to have had her hosting my experience. Needless to say, I shall be back. Thank you Celina!

  3. Avatar Yvona says:

    What a fantastic place!
    The owner – Celina is very warm, welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful.
    They have everything you need there and make you feel like you matter.
    Every time I go there I feel energized, happy and healthy.
    Try a session of crystal lamps – very relaxing, opening up your energy centers – chakras. Wonderful experience!
    Don’t look any further.

  4. Avatar Eileen G. says:

    I suffer from severe chronic constipation. At times it is so severe that my colon ceases to function. That’s when I make an appointment with the European Rejuvination Center. Just one thirty minute Hydro Colonic treatment rectifies the situation. It is virtually painless. I would recommend anyone with constipation to avail themselves of this safe procedure.

  5. Avatar Laurel says:

    I have been wanting to try colonhydrotherapy for years at the urging of my naturopath and my Swiss aunt who swears by this. I finały got up the courage and came to the European Rejuvenation Center. Celina and Trinity greeted me with such warmness that I immediately felt my nerves dissipate. From the fresh flowers in every room, calming music, soft blankets and tea- every detail of comfort has been thought of. In addition to all that, the facility is impeccably clean, the staff professional and the equipment state of the art. For anyone who has wanted to give this a try I highly recommend this place! :)

  6. Avatar Rosna says:

    My second time here. Service was great. Overall great experience. Will be back again.

  7. Avatar Dallas says:

    I found European Rejuvenation Center a few years ago, they have helped me tremendously In my journey to live a healthier life. The staff is very nice and knowledgeable and always makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. I was so pleased with their services that i now have my daughter and mother coming here as well.

  8. Avatar Candace S. says:

    As I walked into European Rejuvenation my senses where met by the most invigorating aromas. I immediately felt welcomed by the friendly staff, eloquent music and fresh flowers. Before My first Colonic experience I was nervous. That feeling quickly subsided after realizing The privacy and professionalism provided. I have been back many times because not only was the experience wonderful but The Colonic provided fantastic results. I Lost around 7lbs, i felt hydrated and it kept me motivated to eat healthy.

  9. Avatar Bruce says:

    I came here a week after I had my hip replacement surgery. The medication I received during and after surgery had basically caused my colon to shut down.

    Upon entering I found the office energy to be very soothing. It is also very appealing to the eye. I was greeted and asked about how I was feeling and what was going on with me. Celina explained the process to me and cleared up any doubts that I had.

    The rooms are private and very clean. The process itself was actually very pleasant and Celina is there to help you in any way. When I was done I felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. I am going to make this a regular part of my health regime. My wife has done the same. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their overall health.

  10. Avatar Greg says:

    I had heard of this type of therapy and was always curious. When I saw an ad for European Rejuvenation Center I went for it. Obviously the process is rather uncomfortable for most to discuss but the staff does a great job of acknowledging that and making it simple and private. Great experience and recommend it to everyone. Try it!

  11. Avatar Sandy says:

    What a wonderful, amazing and healing place! Both Celina and Bozena have been exceptionally supportive, caring, and helpful in my healing process. Truly professional colonics experts who serve with a loving and generous heart! The place is beautiful as well, with healing music, pictures and a warm, nurturing and relaxing atmosphere. I highly recommend it to anyone!

  12. Avatar LaTanya says:

    Wow, today was my very first Colon Hydrotherapy experience and what an experience it was! It took me a minute to “move” with the flow but once I got going, the flood gates opened. Afterwards, I felt cleansed physically, mentally and emotionally. Thanks Celina, I really needed that more than you know!

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