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  1. Avatar Lani J. says:

    Amazing Place. Definitely going to come back to this place. Very Relaxing. Excellent Customer Service.

  2. Avatar Bianca M. says:

    This was my first colonics and I was a little nervous. I bought a groupon as a good way to try it. On the website it says that doctor’s note is needed, so I called and emailed and messages were returned very quickly. I only needed note if I would have some conditions, doctor’s recommendation, surgeries or other problems. Since I don’t- I just wanted to detoxify, I was fine.
    I didn’t have to wait, appointment was perfect on time, everything was explained clearly. My therapist was Lydia and she was very nice, checking on me once in a while. Place is clean (bathroom, waiting room, treatment room) plus stuff wearing gloves during treatments, the tube is sterile and sealed. I work in medical place so it’s natural to notice things.
    Following colonics (which at the end started to be annoying to to increasing cramps-normal thing) I also had a ionic foot bath which was relaxing, electrolyte drink and advice to take probiotics later that day.
    I talked to Celina owner during foot bath, probably more than usual client, as she is from my country. I found her very warm, easy going, natural. She loves her work and she gives to the community too.
    I never felt like I was being pushed to buy and commit to anything, they simply answer questions, recommend frequency when asked, and insist to figure out how your body responds to treatment and decide.
    Great experience!

  3. Avatar Patty W. says:

    Nothing but a good experience every time I come. I have been a customer of European Rejuvenation Center for over a year. Celina is one of the nicest people I have dealt with in Seattle as a business person. She is kind, compassionate, and really appreciates her customers. I drive 2 hours from Wenatchee for my sessions, and wouldn’t go anywhere else.
    The Libbe System is the best as far as Colon Hydrotherapy goes in my opinion. I have tried other methods, and prefer the discreetness of the Libbe system which is very private and does not require an attendant to be present to operate the system.
    I have had health issues for the past 3 years and I have been working with a Wholistic MD. Colonics were recommended by my doctor to help with my healing process. My journey has been a long one, but the Colonics have really helped the healing. I am thankful that this business exists and if anyone is on the fence or hesitating about what Colonics can do for them, don’t hesitate, you will be glad that you gave it a try.

  4. Avatar Shandeya D. says:

    Great service. They also offer a military discount.

  5. Avatar Shonagh H. says:

    Look no further, this is THE place for colon hydrotherapy and endermologie. ERC is my go-to when I am doing a cleanse. The endermologie is fantastic for smoothing skin and improving circulation. Celina runs the spa with warmth and professionalism and I always feel welcome and pampered.

  6. Avatar Jody L. says:

    I had a wonderful experience, immediately feeling positive results. I received excellent care and they are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend anyone looking to detoxify and promote healing to consider visiting this wonderful place!

  7. Avatar Camille S. says:

    If you are looking for a facility that offers colon hydrotherapy and are reading through reviews while feeling hesitant or unsure in anyway … be assured that experiencing a colonic is much less scary and/or gross than you may think and is an incredible self-care decision you can make for your body. The entire time I was at ERC I was treated warmly, professionally and efficiently. I was told everything I needed to know, all of my questions were answered and I was given tremendous privacy.

  8. Avatar Margaret S. says:

    In July 2016, I experienced a 7-day Hydrocolonic Cleanse for the first time… It was an amazing experience mostly because I learned about the many toxins we store in our bodies over the years & how abusively damaging it can be on our vital organs.

    Upon returning to WA I searched for businesses who also used the Libbe system. 21 months ago I found European Rejuvenation Center & have been enjoying their Colonic services for periodic body cleansing. This journey has been a learning experience for me as I’ve been able to release not only toxic waste (yes I know, TMI), but also unnecessary toxins (physically, emotionally & mentally).

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM (not paid, not sponsored) because they have always taken good care of me. I am grateful today that I was able to finally take my BFF Kehau Tester to start her own cleansing journey. AND WE WILL BE BACK!! Oh & we also did their Aqua Ionic Foot Bath (detox) & was able to have other misc toxins pulled from our body through our feet. Oh HAPPY DAY to us!

    *Do your own research (like I did), ask questions, etc. Don’t knock it til you try it & tell Celina (owner) we recommended her!

  9. Avatar Kehau T. says:

    Omg this was my first time here and I was nervous but excited. Celina made me feel very comfortable and important. She is AMAZING!! I feel really good and lighter, if that makes sense. I will see you next week! Thank you for an amazing experience

  10. Avatar Samantha S. says:

    I’ve had a colonic before at a different location, but today’s experience at ERC was extremely more comfortable. I really enjoyed the fact that with their system you have the privacy needed to get the most out of your experience. I saw the Groupon deal a while ago and kept putting it off, but after a friend also recommending ERC I decided to go for it. I opted for the Ion Detox foot bath as well, and I’m so happy I did. I’m still in awe that all that came from my feet!! I really liked the crystals and sage in the treatment room, i thought that was a great touch. Celina was amazing. She was welcoming and seemed very genuine. She talked me through everything and had a very warm, friendly persona. I bought 3 more colonic sessions and can’t wait to go back!! I also can’t wait to try the other services, as I’m interested in all of them!

  11. Avatar Anne L. says:

    I turned to hydrocolonic therapy to help relieve the side effects of cancer therapy, and I was going to try a few places before I settled on my "best" choice, given travel time, pricing, the healer’s skills and presentation, as well as booking flexibility, but Celina, at the European Rejuvenation Center, won my high-ten five-star rating in less than one session. I now make the two-hour trip from Whidbey Island to Bellevue on a regular basis, and because "we" time it to match the SCCA’s infusion schedule, the Bellevue location is really just a little jog away from the other giant (UW, SCCA) keeping me alive and well in my skin. I couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing service, and hope that the European Rejuvenation Center’s story gets featured on NPR someday, in that show called "How I built This", featuring amazing entrepreneurs with a staunch dedication to their business dreams and the patrons who love them.

  12. Avatar Maitha l. says:

    Celina and Triniday are absolutely amazing! They make this whole colon hydrotherapy easy, comfortable, and private. This is part of my detoxification process every 6 to 8 months (after the holidays, before Summer, and when things seem a little ‘off’).
    Their packages are priced right.
    I have also tried endermologie with amazing results. I noticed results within 3 sessions and when combined with colonics, it does help me fit into my favorite dress (besides feeling fabulously healthy inside)!

  13. Avatar Zuleyma P. says:

    Happy with the results of the Endermologie massages, after my lipo surgery my PS recommender 10 treatments. For a lymphatic drainage massage and to smooth out the bumps that are expected after surgery.
    After the first session I stared to notice the difference.
    My abdomen is so much smoother and the bump have reduced by more than 50%, I can’t wait to see the final result.
    I highly recommend this treatment and all the staff at European Rejuvenation Center.

  14. Avatar Tara R. says:

    This place is AMAZING!! We brought our 12-year-old daughter that is diagnosed with severe Autism and global developmental delays for colonics. She has always battled digestive issues, and discomfort. When discussed with her doctor we were encouraged to keep her on a laxative regimen forever. Recently we experienced a noticeable change in our her behavior. She stopped eating and her self-injurious behaviors exceled to the point of her breaking her nose, giving herself black eyes and biting herself until she was bleeding. An x-ray of her pelvic area it showed her large intestine were engorged with impacted poop. I came across European Rejuvenation Center’s website and began to read about it. I called and spoke to Celina about my daughter (her age/needs/mannerisms, etc.) as I had concerns about her being too young, not being still for the treatment, or making a lot of noise that is uncontrollable and may be bothersome to other patrons. Celina addressed all my concerns, answered all my questions, and really put me at ease with bringing my daughter in for colon-hydrotherapy. She fit us in the next day for her first treatment. The facility is very clean and comfortable. Celina had a separate room ready for my daughter when we arrived, that included a door for ultimate privacy. It was large enough to comfortably fit me, my husband and Celina as we assisted my daughter through the process. The colonics bed is large and comfortable. It was easy to get her onto and she was well supported in a natural (lying flat on her back) position, without having to be held or restrained. Celina stayed with us the entire session, she was very hands on and explained the process, ran the machine, and comforted our daughter. (Which was great for us as this was new and foreign to us) My daughter was able to expel during the session, and you could visually see the immediate relief and relaxation sweep over her face and body. She slept the whole car ride home (about 45 min.) and slept an incredible 10 hours without waking. (She typically sleeps in 2-3 hour spurts through the night). The next day was amazing, she was happy and began to eat again. We did several treatments the first 2 weeks, and have gradually backed down to 1 treatment a week, currently. Since her colonic treatments started (1.5 months ago), everyone that is exposed to my daughter regularly have seen many changes in our girl. Her speech therapist has commented on her increased babble and attention during sessions. Her teachers have reported her being happier at school, increased babble, increase in social interaction. We have noticed all the same things and a regular increase in her sleep pattern, and decrease in her self-injurious behavior. She is happy on the way to treatment, and knows what to do now when we get there. She ALWAYS leaves with a smile and a BIG hug for Celina. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a cure all, but it has been relieving to know of something natural to help my daughter immediately, we were just truly astonished in how many ways it has helped her. Our initial intent was to just stop the pain in her bowels and give her release. We had no idea the impact her relief would bring all of us. ERC has been a huge blessing. If you are considering a place for your kiddo, or even if you are new to colonics, ERC offers a clean safe place to be introduced to it. Celina is knowledgeable and take the time to make you feel comfortable. Give it a try.

  15. Avatar Lori R. says:

    I absolutely cannot say enough good things about ERC and Celine! I walked in a little nervous as I’ve only ever seen one other person for colonics. The moment I stepped through the door to was at ease! Celine is warm and kind with a compassion and concern for more than just her clients physical health but also their mental wellbeing. She spoke to me in a soothing way, encouraging me to use my to me to not care not physically cleanse but to let go of something much emotional baggage I’d been holding onto. After my first session I found myself in a different mindset. I’m a very analytical person so to feel this mental change just happen was shocking and amazing! My mind is open in a way it’s never been before!! Thank you Celine for your warm hugs and gentle nature!! Can’t wait for my next visit!!

  16. Avatar Erika says:

    I went in for a Colon Hydrotherapy appointment with Celina, who is so incredibly helpful, patient, kind-hearted and very elegant. I shared with her that my Mother just passed away not even a week ago (which is part of why I scheduled this– to begin a cleanse), and the way she comforted me and took care of me in my time there was just priceless. She is a rare gem and I’m so grateful to have had her hosting my experience. Needless to say, I shall be back. Thank you Celina!

  17. Avatar Yvona says:

    What a fantastic place!
    The owner – Celina is very warm, welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful.
    They have everything you need there and make you feel like you matter.
    Every time I go there I feel energized, happy and healthy.
    Try a session of crystal lamps – very relaxing, opening up your energy centers – chakras. Wonderful experience!
    Don’t look any further.

  18. Avatar Eileen G. says:

    I suffer from severe chronic constipation. At times it is so severe that my colon ceases to function. That’s when I make an appointment with the European Rejuvination Center. Just one thirty minute Hydro Colonic treatment rectifies the situation. It is virtually painless. I would recommend anyone with constipation to avail themselves of this safe procedure.

  19. Avatar Laurel says:

    I have been wanting to try colonhydrotherapy for years at the urging of my naturopath and my Swiss aunt who swears by this. I finały got up the courage and came to the European Rejuvenation Center. Celina and Trinity greeted me with such warmness that I immediately felt my nerves dissipate. From the fresh flowers in every room, calming music, soft blankets and tea- every detail of comfort has been thought of. In addition to all that, the facility is impeccably clean, the staff professional and the equipment state of the art. For anyone who has wanted to give this a try I highly recommend this place! 🙂

  20. Avatar Rosna says:

    My second time here. Service was great. Overall great experience. Will be back again.

  21. Avatar Dallas says:

    I found European Rejuvenation Center a few years ago, they have helped me tremendously In my journey to live a healthier life. The staff is very nice and knowledgeable and always makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. I was so pleased with their services that i now have my daughter and mother coming here as well.

  22. Avatar Candace S. says:

    As I walked into European Rejuvenation my senses where met by the most invigorating aromas. I immediately felt welcomed by the friendly staff, eloquent music and fresh flowers. Before My first Colonic experience I was nervous. That feeling quickly subsided after realizing The privacy and professionalism provided. I have been back many times because not only was the experience wonderful but The Colonic provided fantastic results. I Lost around 7lbs, i felt hydrated and it kept me motivated to eat healthy.

  23. Avatar Bruce says:

    I came here a week after I had my hip replacement surgery. The medication I received during and after surgery had basically caused my colon to shut down.

    Upon entering I found the office energy to be very soothing. It is also very appealing to the eye. I was greeted and asked about how I was feeling and what was going on with me. Celina explained the process to me and cleared up any doubts that I had.

    The rooms are private and very clean. The process itself was actually very pleasant and Celina is there to help you in any way. When I was done I felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. I am going to make this a regular part of my health regime. My wife has done the same. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their overall health.

  24. Avatar Greg says:

    I had heard of this type of therapy and was always curious. When I saw an ad for European Rejuvenation Center I went for it. Obviously the process is rather uncomfortable for most to discuss but the staff does a great job of acknowledging that and making it simple and private. Great experience and recommend it to everyone. Try it!

  25. Avatar Sandy says:

    What a wonderful, amazing and healing place! Both Celina and Bozena have been exceptionally supportive, caring, and helpful in my healing process. Truly professional colonics experts who serve with a loving and generous heart! The place is beautiful as well, with healing music, pictures and a warm, nurturing and relaxing atmosphere. I highly recommend it to anyone!

  26. Avatar LaTanya says:

    Wow, today was my very first Colon Hydrotherapy experience and what an experience it was! It took me a minute to “move” with the flow but once I got going, the flood gates opened. Afterwards, I felt cleansed physically, mentally and emotionally. Thanks Celina, I really needed that more than you know!

  27. Avatar Stephen T. says:

    This place is wonderful! Really. An immaculate environment, with services unobtainable anywhere else in the Seattle area. The endermologie is nothing short of miraculous in its results.

  28. Avatar Angela says:

    I definitely recommend European rejuvenation center, for sure the best place to get colonic. Been a client for six years and will never go anywhere else, tried them all. Best quality service, celina takes great care of her clients. She makes sure you get the most for your money. Please try if you wanna lose weight, or get healthy, my vitality has never been better!! I finally got rid of excess belly weight I have been struggling with all my life, definitely recommend a series of colonics, and all the other amazing services European rejuvenation center has to offer!

  29. Avatar Wendy L. says:

    Just had my first visit and could not have been happier! I’ve had colonics before but this method is so much more pleasant and private. I followed by an infrared spa and it was so wonderful. It he owner was so friendly and pleasant and thought of my every need.

    I would highly recommend this place and plan to come back regularly!

  30. Avatar Anonymous says:

    This is my first time experiencing Colonic Colon Hydrotherapy and it was so unique! I highly recommend to those who have irregular bowel movements. Or, if you just feel like treating yourself, I highly recommend it too! By the time you’re finished, you may feel exhausted, but with a complimentary foot bath to conclude the appointment, you’ll feel great! In addition the location is clean, organized and the service is on point. My husband and I will do this again!

  31. Avatar Denise says:

    Very comfortable environment. This was my first colonic and I was very pleased with the service, price, and environment. I came back for my second a few days later and received the same service. It was definitely not what I’ve seen on television. I would recommend European Rejuvenation Center for anyone looking for a pleasant discrete experience especially for first timers.

  32. Avatar Ken says:

    I came with my fiancé for her colonic and came back a few days later to get one for myself. It’s not bad at all. I feel refreshed and I have a lot more energy. Nice, clean, relaxed environment.

  33. Avatar Mike says:

    Great place! Amazing feeling afterwards. They also have a sauna to use right after, which is great. Easy scheduling!

  34. Avatar Scott C. says:

    Amazing. I would recommend Endermologie massage to anyone interested. Great care was taken to ensure my comfort and relaxation.
    Thank you for caring energy.

  35. Avatar Robyn says:

    I feel so fortunate to have found the European Rejuvenation Center. Celina and Bozena are very professional, but also extremely kind and caring. I truly feel their commitment to partnering with me on my journey to wellness and restoration.

  36. Avatar Tiffany says:

    The ladies at the center have changed my life by improving my health. I am no longer sick as often. Sometimes it takes several sessions to see improvement. Stick with it!

  37. Avatar Shonagh H. says:

    I love this place. For colon hydrotherapy, they use the Libbe system which is a sculpted table that you lie on and you don’t need a hydrotherapist sitting in the room with you while you’re releasing. I MUCH prefer this to the regular colonic system. Also, the Endermologie is HEAVEN! It removes cellulite for real and stimulates lymphatic flow so great to do right before a colonic. Celina, the owner has a heart of gold and the facility is beautiful and scrupulously clean. I recommend this to everyone.

  38. Avatar Dusty S. says:

    I visit this clinic on a regular basis and am pleased with the cleanliness and professionalism of Celina and her staff. Colon hydrotherapy is amazing and I am so glad I found this place. Highly recommend!

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