What is Endermologie Body Sculpting?

Having a sculpted body is something that nearly everyone desires, and the science of endermologie helps you achieve the sculpted form that you want. Created in the early 1980s by Louis-Paul Guitay, endermologie was originally used as a treatment for burns with the intention of preventing skin contraction and scar tissues. Since then, however, it has been used for other purposes, such as the improvement of cellulite appearance and various other aesthetic and cosmetic improvements.

Treatment Process

Endermologie is a non-surgical procedure that has been approved by the American Food and Drug Association. In fact, it is the only non-surgical procedure that the FDA has approved for cellulite reduction. If you've tried to get rid of cellulite before, you've likely found that it doesn't respond well to any traditional channels, such as exercise, weight loss, creams or other surgical liposuction.

An endermologie procedure, however, utilizes a combination of a gentle suction and deep reaching massage that stimulates the soft tissues where you harbor cellulite in a manner that cannot be replicated by other treatments. By stimulating these tissues to soften the bonds between them and increasing the circulation beneath the skin, the appearance of cellulite is greatly reduced. Creating a surge of oxygen beneath the skin and increasing the levels of collage beneath the skin help lend to a tighter, more sculpted body.

Other Benefits

While endermologie body sculpting treatments are primarily used as a treatment for cellulite, they have various other benefits as well. For instance, endermologie can lend to a heightened sense of overall wellness by detoxifying the body, increasing its circulation, decreasing the muscle aches you experience and promoting calm and relaxation from stress. As far as cosmetic and beauty benefits go, people who undergo endermologie treatments can expect cellulite reduction, body contouring, a reduced body size and an improvement in overall skin appearance.

Sports and Fitness

Endermologie body sculpting is also beneficial to those into sports and fitness because it conditions your body so that it can recover better after rigorous exertion and more quickly repair tissue damage. Some of the primary reasons why those into sports and fitness choose to undergo endermologie treatments include the following:

  1. Reduction of muscles aches
  2. Tissue softening for increased flexibility
  3. Recovery assistance after vigorous exertion

Regardless of whether you're considering getting endermologie body sculpting treatments for sports and fitness purposes, wellness ones or cosmetic ones, the treatment has the potential to offer you numerous benefits.

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