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Changing your body into its ideal form requires a combination of healthy diet and proper exercise over time. However, there are times in which your body may require assistance in getting rid of stubborn cellulite which can be difficult to naturally burn away. This is where the top body sculpting rejuvenation center can be of assistance as they use endermologie treatments to melt away the cellulite.

What is Endermologie?

Developed by Louis-Paul Guitay in the 1980s, this was originally a technique used to reduce the appearance of scar tissue and burns. However, it was discovered that it worked on cellulite in terms of reducing its appearance significantly. Endermologie is a mechanical process that reduces cellulite with a combination of rolling, massaging, and manipulating the tissue using a safe, FDA-approved process.

How It Works

The device used for the endermologie process does not require direct contact with the skin, but you will need to wear a clean bodysuit. The hand-held massaging device that is used will then work on the areas were cellulite has built up in the body, which is usually the thighs, buttocks, and back area. Typical sessions last from 30 to 45 minutes and most people afterwards find it a calm, relaxing experience.
The hand-held massaging device gently kneads and pulls in the skin so that the underlying cellulite will be broken up. The skin itself is protected, but the formation of cellulite is dispersed which reduces their appearance. The total number of treatments varies according to the extent and location of the cellulite, but most people will see results after six to ten treatments over the course of a few months.


The advantages of using endermologie to break up and reduce the appearance of cellulite are considerable. The process works for women of all ages and provides a simple, straightforward method of reshaping and reducing the cellulite so that over time it fades away.

  • Pain-Free Process
  • No Side Effects
  • Fast Results
  • Calming, Massaging Effect

The effects of the endermologie device on the skin are noticeable after a few treatments, most notably the reduction in appearance of the cellulite which results in smoother skin. However, endermologie also increases the blood flow and oxygen levels to the skin which improves the overall tone and color while removing the unwanted fat and excessive water that has built up from the presence of cellulite.

Why Choose Endermologie Treatments?

The top body sculpting rejuvenation center uses endermologie because it works and those who have undergone the treatments can attest. Endermologie is mostly for women who are currently eating a healthy diet and exercising, but it can work for anyone who wants to reduce the appearance of cellulite on their body.

The treatments are relatively short, there is no pain or unwanted side effects, and most people report that it is an enjoyable experience that provides a calming, massaging feeling that is quite pleasant. For those who are having difficulty getting rid of stubborn cellulite, endermologie may be the right answer for you.

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