LPG Endermologie Body Suits

Sculpt your body

LPG Endermologie treatments are the newest, most innovative cellulite treatment available to sculpt your body. Endermologie treatments work by massaging the tissue where cellulite exists with a state-of-the-art Endermologie machine over a specialized LPG Endermologie body suit to break down the gatherings of fat groups and increasing circulation.

Every time a client comes for Endermologie they must wear an LPG Endermologie body suit. Wearing a specialized LPG Endermologie body suit is not only for hygienic purposes, it's also for your comfort and privacy during the session. The Endermologie technician will trace your targeted problem areas on the body suit so they can be clearly identified and treated during sessions.

Some clinics make the client purchase their own suit and bring it with them every time. Our clinic provides a freshly cleaned LPG Endermologie body suits for the client to use each time they come. This way they don't have to purchase one and they don't have to worry about forgetting it at home.

How does LPG Endermologie work?

The Endermologie technician then begins the treatment by maneuvering the massage head over the patient's entire body over the LPG Endermologie body suit. The combined action of the motorized rollers that successfully fold and unfold the skin. These massages cause the density of the tissue to change, improving the cellular and fluid exchanges. Release and decompression of the different vascular, arterial, venous, and lymphatic structures immediately result in an influx of blood, along with its nourishing elements. Excess fluids and unhealthy metabolites disappear. Tissues become transformed, and the result is a thinner dermis and hypodermis. Lipolysis begins, further prompting the thinning of the hypodermis, along with the reshaping of the silhouette. At the same time, tissue is completely restructured through evacuation of water and release of waste.

Effectiveness of LPG Endermologie

Clinically, the effectiveness of LPG Endermologie lies in its action upon cutaneous and subcuatneous structures. As a result, the body is reshaped and skin quality and texture are improved. The dermis and hypodermis connective tissue, which can be compared to a "gel" becomes more fluid which results in the re-sculpting of the body.

LPG Endermologie is a technique recognized worldwide which has been proven effective for over 10 years. Without a doubt, LPG Endermologie provides an excellent modality for your body to help itself get rid of the "cottage cheese" appearance of cellulite and fat while providing a relaxing and enjoyable massage.

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