Ionic Detox Foot Spa

Anyone who has ever enjoyed a foot massage by a skillful masseuse knows how incredibly pleasurable and healing a foot rub can be. Our feet are a hard working part of our body and are highly sensitive too. Not everyone knows, however, how effective a detoxifying treatment on the feet can be.

Why Detox the Feet?

Our feet work hard and even the feet are in need of some rest and rehab once in a while. An ionic foot detox spa is a wonderful way to clean and restore the feet while also restoring balance and energy to the body.

The stimulation of the water during an ionic treatment aids in detoxification by cleansing and balancing the skin on the feet and strengthening the bio-energy of the body while the feet are soothed in a gentle bath of water.

The Aqua Ionic Foot Spa process takes place in a spa setting with the client taking off their shoes and socks and sitting comfortably with the feet placed in a bubbling bath of water. As the bubbles stimulate the feet, the water may become a shade of brown, as a result of the water’s natural sediment being released. This is a natural part of the process and is not a cause for concern. In some cases, an oily sheen may also be present in the water, which is a sign of toxins and cells being released from the top layer of the client’s feet.

As the bubbling stimulation continues, a feeling of relaxation should take over, as the feet are massaged and a release of toxins and an overall balancing of energy take place. This deceptively simple treatment allows the residual toxins that pollute the body (which can come from stress, environmental pollution, prescription medications, food additives, cigarettes, alcohol and other chemicals) to be released. As these many toxins are released and the body is encouraged to rebalance, the ability of the body's overall system to better absorb healthy nutrients is also strengthened.

After an ionic foot detox spa, the client will feel highly relaxed and may have a greater sense of well-being. This treatment promotes greater energy levels, an improvement in sleep, better memory skills and even a reduction in joint and muscle pain. All these benefits plus it's a highly enjoyable treatment that feels great.

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