Improving Your Immune System Through Colonics

If you want to boost your immune system, you should be aware of the connection between how your body fights off germs, viruses, and disease and your colon. This is because a substantial part of the colonic system is designed to help your body ward off allergies, the flu, and even cancer and diabetes. Considering that a typical colon is five feet in length as part of your digestive tract, the health of your colonic system goes hand in hand with your immune system.

How the Colon Works

While many have the impression that the colon merely serves to remove the waste particles from your body, it really does much more than that.

  • Maintains proper hydration of the body
  • Absorbs important nutrients that went past the small intestines
  • Creates vitamins, such as Vitamin B-12 and K from the you consume
  • Blocks toxins from being absorbed into the bloodstream

The colon may be seen as the “catch-all”, the final stop before the food you consumed is now passed through your body as waste material. It is an important function not only in being the last step in the digestive process, but also in creating important vitamins from food product that keep you in good health.

In addition to the processing of food, the maintenance of your hydration is also performed by the colon, ensuring that you have what you need to survive and thrive for the day. Your colon does quite a bit to keep you healthy and the more you can help its function, the better off your immune system will be.

How to Improve Colon Health

The old saying “you are what you eat” is certainly true when it comes to the foods that pass through your colon. The more you can consume the right foods and support it with the proper vitamins and minerals, the more your immune system will flourish.

  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat fruits and vegetables, particularly leafy-green vegetables
  • Keep stress to a minimum
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Monitor the health of your colon activity

Be sure to eat foods with plenty of fiber as that will help your colon process the food better and help in maintaining your weight. Drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly will also help considerably. Keep in mind that good exercise will help to reduce stress, another important factor in maintaining your immune system.

Irregular bowel movements or distress of your colon due to excess gas are signs that your diet needs adjusting. Keeping regular is an important part of healthy body function, so the more you improve what you eat, the better off you will be.

Your immune system is based on the health of your body which is tied directly to your colon. So, by taking a few steps in the right direction in terms of diet, exercise, staying hydrated, and speaking to your physician when your colon appears to be in distress will help your immune system considerably.

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