How does Aqua-Ionic Detox Foot Spa work?

Your body is exposed to numerous toxins over the course of time, and these toxins can cause you to feel fatigued and off-center. Some can cause illness and make you feel generally unwell. Toxins that you are exposed to can build up in your body over time. Therefore it's necessary to find a way to remove the toxins to promote an improved level of health and well-being. An aqua-ionic detox foot spa is a safe, natural way to remove these toxins, and it also can be relaxing and completely enjoyable.

What is Aqua-Ionic Detox Foot Spa?

During an aqua-ionic detox foot spa, you will simply place your feet into the swirling waters of the foot spa. The water has special properties that can effectively remove the toxins from your system. You may notice the water in the foot spa changing colors as you soak your feet, and this change in color is the result of the toxins leaving your system and entering the foot spa water. These toxins may come from the environment, the foods you eat, prescription medications, smoking and more. Some of these are heavy metals, pollutants or other types of toxins that your body cannot effectively remove on its own so you must take a step to detox your body.

The Result of a Aqua-Ionic Detox Foot Spa

If you have never experienced the healthful benefits of an aqua-ionic detox foot spa, you may be wondering what to expect. The length of time that your feet will remain in the water will vary, but generally, the process takes at least 20 to 30 minutes. You can read a book or close your eyes to relax during this time. At the end of the foot spa, you can view the toxins swirling in the water, and you may notice that you feel more relaxed as well as energetic. There are no limitations placed on you after your aqua-ionic detox foot spa, and you can continue on with your plans for the day.

An aqua-ionic detox foot spa is a safe, relaxing way to improve your level of health and wellbeing. It can relax you on a mental and emotional level just as any foot spa would, but it also has the healthful benefits associated with a detox. If you have been searching for an effective way to improve your health, you can make an appointment for a detox foot spa today.

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