Endermologie Massage Bellevue Washington

When you're in the mood for a relaxing external body treatment, you might want to check out the Endermologie Massage Bellevue Washington has to offer. An endermologie treatment provides you with an external body rejuvenation that is designed to promote overall health, fitness, beauty and wellness. In fact, the Endermologie Massage Bellevue Washington offers has been approved by the FDA as being an effective means for temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Benefits of Endermologie Massage Bellevue Washington

Endermologie massage treatments offer you numerous benefits that can be broken down into three major categories, as follows: wellness benefits, sports and fitness benefits and beauty benefits. As far as wellness goes, endermologie massage can contribute to a heightened detoxification process, increased circulation, a decrease in muscle aches and a promotion of calm and relaxation.
Some of the sports and fitness benefits the massage offers include the softening of tissues that makes the body more flexible than it would be otherwise and assistance with the recovery time the body experiences after vigorous exertion. Then, some of the beauty benefits you can expect to experience after the massage include a decrease in the reduction of cellulite, a reduction in the size of your body, a more contoured-looking experience and a healthier-looking skin appearance.

What to Expect During Treatment Sessions

Endermologie massages aren't too different from other types of massages. However, with endermologie massages, you can expect to be asked to remove your clothing and to slip into a provided light-weight and close-fitting bodysuit. The bodysuit is made from a cotton/lycra blend that provides you with the modesty that traditional massages don't while still allowing the handheld massage tool to glide smoothly over the skin. During the actual massage process, licensed therapists use a handheld massage tool that utilizes a unique combination of gentle suction and deep-reaching massage to reach your deep tissues. Many patients state that the sensation of an endermologie massage is similar to that of a deep tissue rub and is very relaxing.


There is no recovery time associated with endermologie treatments. You can immediately return back to your daily activities while feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Typical endermologie treatments usually last between 35 and 45 minutes and lend to an increase in the blood flow beneath the skin that makes it appear tighter, healthier and younger. The massage also flushes out any excess water, fats and cell wastes that contribute to cellulite.

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