Endermologie Massage

The power of massage for enhancing one’s wellbeing has been known for centuries, yet it is important to understand that massages can vary greatly depending upon a therapist’s technique and the equipment that is used. In fact, many massages barely reach beneath the surface of the skin, leaving a person with little benefit for their body other than a bit of relaxation. Today, however, modern technology has made it possible to rejuvenate your entire body and mind with an endermologie massage that goes to the deep tissues that can affect your physical appearance as well as your overall health.

History of Endermologie

Endermologie first came into existence during the early 1980s when a man named Louis-Paul Guitay developed the technology to be used to help loosen scar tissue in burn victims for better healing. During these first treatments, it was observed that Endermologie massage had the additional effect of improving the appearance of cellulite. The effect was so great that the technique is now the only one that has received approval from the American Food and Drug Administration to be used as a temporary treatment for cellulite, and more than 70 countries now use the technique for whole body rejuvenation.

Impact on Wellness

An Endermologie massage can have tremendous benefits that extend well beyond the skin’s surface. As the treatment begins to knead the skin, it also provides a suction that helps to roll the deeper tissue so that circulation is increased. During this process, cellular waste products, excess water and fat are released before being flushed away by the increased circulation. In addition to this boost to your wellness, you can expect to enjoy reduced muscular aches and an increased feeling of relaxation. Due to the cellulite reduction, you may also find that your body size is reduced and your skin has a smoother appearance.

What to Expect During a Treatment Session

Tranquility is an essential component of every treatment, and you will have a private room for your session. When you arrive for your Endermologie massage, you will be provided with a body suit made from a cotton and Lycra material blend to change into privately. This suit not only provides a touch of modesty, but it will also allow the wand to glide smoothly over your skin. After a consultation with your therapist regarding which parts of your body should be the main focus for treatment, your session will begin. Unlike other types of massages, you can expect no downtime, and instead should enjoy an instant feeling of heightened relaxation following your session.

Rejuvenating your mind and body does not have to require multiple complicated procedures. With an Endermologie massage, all you have to do is don the comfortable body suit and relax as your therapist uses the technique to achieve proven results. From cellulite reduction to easing muscular aches and pains, you can emerge from your 30 to 40 minute procedure in an enhanced state of wellbeing.

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