How Endermologie Body Sculpting Works

European Rejuvenation Center has one goal in mind: help men and women feel and look as healthy as possible. To meet that goal, we stay current on proven non-surgical treatments for improving appearance and physical health, and invest in sophisticated equipment like Endermologie. Endermologie is a non-surgical treatment offering many client benefits, including reduction in the appearance of cellulite and improvement in athletic performance. It is specially designed equipment with rollers, valves and a massage head for reaching deep tissue.

For All Lifestyles

People have an immense range of lifestyles today, and for many, exercise and fitness are important components. Athletes, gym attendees and outdoor activity enthusiasts all have one thing in common: the body needs to recuperate after so much vigorous activity, and the European Rejuvenation Center can help with Endermologie.

Endermologie is FDA approved to alleviate Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), relax muscle tension, enhance blood flow and increase functional mobility. For people who regularly participate in intense exercise, it is a non-surgical procedure that helps the body overcome the typical stress placed on muscles during extreme exercise. Elite athletes from around the world and in diverse sports, including Olympians and marathon runners, use Endermologie to improve peak performance and reduce the chances of sports injury by alleviating the symptoms that drain the body, like fluid buildup and muscle fatigue.

European Rejuvenation Center uses the tested equipment to provide LPG treatments that target connective tissues. The process lifts the skin so the rollers and massage head can provide the following results:

  • Enhanced fluid mobilization
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Enhanced blood circulation to muscles and connective tissue
  • Enhanced lymphatic drainage
  • Promotion of an enhanced immune system
  • Promotion of healthier looking skin
  • Increased feelings of relaxation

Exercise is important to good health but so is enhanced recovery. Athletes and regular exercises often push the body to its extreme limits on a regular basis. The impact of the stress on tissues and systems can be long-lasting.

Controlling Unsightly Cellulite

No one likes cellulite, and both men and women, even athletes and weekend warriors, develop it at some point in their lives after the age of 20 years old. It gives skin a dimpled appearance, so it is sometimes referred to as the "orange peel syndrome." The only approved FDA treatment for reducing the appearance of cellulite is Endermologie. FDA approval means the treatment has been well-tested by scientists and is safe for humans.

Endermologie equipment works by lifting skin tissue which is then rolled and massaged, sending deep signals into mostly fat deposits consisting of connective tissue cells. The trained therapist applies mechanical stimulation to deliver a Lipomassage that will:

  • Initiate a physiological response
  • Promote an increase in collagen levels
  • Help restore elasticity to skin
  • Activate lipolysis (breakdown of lipids to remove fat deposits)
  • Promote blood circulation to the skin
  • Enable more critical nutrients to reach the skin

Cellulite is largely due to fluid retention, tightening of connective tissue and fat storage. Endermologie directly targets the reasons cellulite forms, making it highly effective. The suction used to lift the skin, and the rollers and massage head used to knead the soft tissue under the skin, enables reaching deep to breakup cellulite. The result is smoother, tighter and younger looking skin that looks wonderful when wearing typical athletic clothing like short shorts.

Supplement Endermologie with a Healthy Lifestyle

Endermologie is a technique that can benefit anyone because it addresses connective tissue issues, something everyone develops at some point. Regular treatments at the European Rejuvenation Center can smooth cellulite and enhance sports and outdoor enthusiasts' performance, but they should also be supplemented with a healthy diet and regular sleep. Make Endermologie a part of a healthy lifestyle, and enjoy the wonderful feeling of taking control of how you feel and look.

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