Crystal Healing Spa

by Lisa S. Fineman

As a physical therapist, I have always been more aligned with the theory that taking care of ourselves requires a regimen of physical exertion and manipulation. This improves balance, recovery from injury, manages vascular conditions and more. I would have been among the first to dismiss holistic approaches to well-being, but I cannot deny the many benefits of going to a crystal healing spa.

Crystal healing entails using polished Vogel crystals. They are suspended above a massage table. The client lies across the table face up. The crystals will be aligned with the chakras, or energy centers, of the human body. A series of colored lights that match the vibrational frequency of chakra colors, will be used to radiate energy through respective crystals. This in turn will balance, cleanse and align energies in the patient.

Clients who have visited a crystal healing spa (including myself) have attested to many benefits. They have seen enhancements in taste, sight and touch. Clients experience a more focused, energized, yet deeply relaxed and peaceful, change in their attitude. There is a deeper spiritual awareness accompanied by less feelings of stress. Clients have become keenly aware of their personal health and look forward to getting better and managing any disease or health risks.

A crystal healing spa does not perform miracles. They provide a service that maximizes one's sense of self. It offers an opportunity to develop a greater aura of peace and balance, to cleanse and rejuvenate. I personally have experienced an increased sense of well-being that goes beyond being physically fit. I have walked out of a crystal healing spa with a deeper understanding of myself and how I want my future to unfold. I look forward to the time I'm going to spend with my family and friends, and motivating my clients to live the best possible lives they can.

I would advise everyone at least try one session at a crystal healing spa. They can range anywhere between 20 and 45 minutes. The length will be determined by overall health. You can go once a week or every day. Attending for health reasons will impact number of sessions. I have found if your reasons are spiritual, you may not need more than two sessions a week.

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