Cellulite Reduction Massage

Cellulite is a problem that impacts many people, and it can cause you to feel self-conscious due to its impact on your physical appearance. While it is commonly associated with being overweight, cellulite is also common on those who have an ideal body weight. Liposuction is a surgical method that is used to reduce or eliminate the signs of cellulite on certain areas of the body. However, surgery comes with risks, costs, pain and other drawbacks. Those who are looking for an alternative to surgery are overwhelmingly benefiting from a cellulite reduction massage.

How This Works

The cellulite reduction massage is an FDA-approved cellulite treatment option that has been used for several decades, and its results have been well-proven and studied. This treatment is commonly used as a stand-alone treatment, but it can also be combined with liposuction for those with a significant amount of cellulite. It is designed to smooth away the cellulite and to contour the shape of the body. There is no pain or downtime for recovery. In addition to smoothing the skin, it improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage. By doing so, it improves overall skin health in the treated areas.

What to Expect

With a cellulite reduction massage, you may expect to see results after the first treatment. However, most individuals will need to receive approximately six treatments for the best results. At the end of the treatment, muscles under the skin will be more tone and firm. The skin will be smoother, and elasticity will improve. Overall, the treated individual may look better and feel more confident. Because many who do not see the results they desire from diet and exercise initially may become discouraged, this can provide the motivation needed to continue on with a healthy eating and exercise plan for on-going results.

The cellulite reduction massage is not available everywhere, so those who are interested in pursuing this type of treatment may need to search for a health spa that offers this type of cosmetic service. This treatment can have a dramatic impact on the way you look and feel, and in some ways, it can be a life-changing treatment that sets you on a path to improve your overall level of health and fitness by motivating you to maintain your new look. If you are ready to learn more about this type of cellulite reduction treatment, visit or call European Rejuvenation Center for more information: (425) 746-6100


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