Can Colonic Help You Lose Weight?

When people make that New Year’s resolution to lose weight, they often start with a colonic or cleanse. But can colonic help you lose weight? The short answer is yes, but it pays to fully understand the reasons why getting a colonic is important when you are changing your diet and exercise program to drop the excess weight.

What is a Colonic?

A colonic irrigation is the introduction of purified water into the colon. The water will wash out any waste material that is still trapped inside the colon.

If you are feeling bloated, lacking energy, and seemingly weighing more than you should, it is possible the reason is the excess waste that has remained in your colon. Although most waste is removed, there may be some left that sticks to the walls of your colon.

A proper colonic irrigation will not make you look any thinner, but it will remove the waste product. This means that technically you have lost weight after an irrigation even if it is not fat. However, the slight amount of weight loss is only the beginning if you follow it up with the proper diet and exercise program.

How a Colonic Prepares Your Body for Weight Loss

The first thing you will notice is that you feel lighter, but also more energetic. With no waste in your colon, your energy levels will go up. In addition, your digestive system gets a boost, so it can work at maximum efficiency.

More Energy: One of the biggest issues that many people have difficulty overcoming is the reduced feeling of energy. A colon cleanse helps you feel more energetic, so you are more willing to do the work necessary to get into shape and lose the weight.

Keep in mind that you should approach your weight loss with the intent on keeping off the excess fat. So, do not try to lose the weight quickly. Instead, treat your diet and exercise like a marathon with one small victory each day.

Reduce Digestive Issues: Because the waste products are removed from your colon, you will experience fewer issues with your stomach. The bloating, gas, and overall discomfort that you may have experienced before will be reduced, if not eliminated. This will help you focus more on getting into better shape.

You can keep the benefits of your colonic by consuming more fiber in your diet. The fiber will help clear away the waste product from your colon, meaning that it can stay clean after every bowel movement.

A colonic alone will not help you lose excess weight. It is the starting point for your weight loss program. This means engaging in a combination of eating better, exercising more, and consuming more water so your body can run at full efficiency. You can lose weight without having a colonic performed, but you will not have the proper start to speed up the weight loss process.

Can colonic help you lose weight? Yes, it can. But it is only the start of a weight-loss program that will keep the excess pounds away.

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