Best Methods to Detoxify Your Body, Mind & Spirit

When you are searching for the best methods to detoxify body, mind and spirit, some of the easiest and most convenient ways are not far from home. At a center for health and wellness, you can enjoy some of the most well-known treatments for stress relief and muscle relaxation, including crystal bed healing, aqua ionic foot massage, endermology treatments and colon hydrotherapy. These detoxification methods can help to rid your body of unwanted chemicals, which also helps your mind and spirit to recover and relax.

If you need a spiritual and emotional detoxification, a crystal bed light healing treatment is a wise choice. During this session, you will lay still on a massage table as seven crystals, each of different colors, hang about one foot above you. The crystals are suspended at each corresponding chakra. The purpose of this treatment is to promote deep relaxation and to balance your mental and spiritual energies.

You may also wish to try a relaxing foot spa. As you relax in the aqua ionic foot spa, your body will absorb energy from the water. Throughout your treatment, the water will change colors, depending on your ability to absorb energy. If you are open to receiving energy, the water may change to a brighter hue, while if you are feeling unwell, the color changes may be more subtle. Try this treatment if you are seeking a physical and emotional balancing of your energy.

Endermologie treatments are great methods to detoxify body and your spirit. As you rest in a stretchy body suit, the technician will gently move a wand around you that massages and puts suction on specific locations of your body that are causing you pain or other problems. A lipomassage cellulite treatment is done in a similar way, and may help to minimize the appearance of cellulite while also flushing out toxins from your body.

For a thorough detoxification, try colon hydrotherapy. Also known as a colonic, this method uses purified water to flush waste and toxins out of your colon. This is a safe and side effect free way to detoxify your body.

By using some of the best methods to detoxify body, mind and spirit, you can get started or continue on your journey to better overall health. These methods work well along with a healthy diet and regular exercise to promote your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

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