Benefits of Crystal Bed Treatment

For those who need a rejuvenation of their body using proven techniques, one of the most powerful is the crystal bed treatment. It is a session that helps the mind and body to relax while tapping into their own energies that provides many long-lasting benefits. It’s little wonder that so many people have engaged in crystal bed treatment that offers a feeling of renewal and vigor.

Definition of Crystal Bed

A crystal bed consists of a comfortable massage table that has seven highly polished Vogel cut crystals made of quartz suspended about 12” above where the client lays down. Each crystal has been shaped to pick up a unique frequency and aligned over the seven chakras or energy centers of the human body.

There are colored lights that align themselves with the vibration frequency of the crystals. The light and energy they create is focused through the crystals so they can help cleanse, balance, and properly align the energy generated from your body. The treatment is done with the client on their back, eyes closed, and surrounded by the energy being generated.


The advantages of the crystal bed treatment start with its simplicity. All you need to do is lie comfortably on the massage table and let the energies of your own body do the work. Those who have experienced this treatment have come back from time to time for the rejuvenation that it offers:

  • More Energy
  • Clarity of Thought
  • Reduction of Stress
  • Feelings of Deep Relaxation
  • Gaining a Deeper Spiritual Understanding
  • Increase in Taste Sensations & More

You will start to feel all the benefits from the first session, but it generally takes two, three, or more to receive the full effect. The renewal of energy, the lowering of stress, increased relaxation, and becoming more tuned to the spiritual side of your being is what makes this treatment so effective.

The crystals that are used in the treatment help align the energy that lies within your own chakras or energy centers. This means that the rejuvenating feelings are coming from you which means that the effects will last long after the treatment as long as your chakras continue to be properly aligned.

Focused Results

In addition to the stated benefits, the number of sessions needed will depend on your own state of wellbeing. For some, you may need two to three sessions per week to see results while others may need the treatment less often. In any case, crystal bed treatment is for everyone as it renews the body and mind, helping you to feel more energized, aware, and spiritually connected.

If you are looking to renew your energy, spirit, and wellbeing, the crystal bed treatment is for you. It offers a simple, effective means of revitalizing your body while having no side effects. It has helped people around the world feel more alive, relaxed, and focused in their lives and the same will work for you all starting with a few simple sessions.

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